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APAPU at SIUT | Celebrating Visionary Pediatric Healthcare

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The 23rd Annual Meeting of APAPU at SIUT

marked another milestone in urological advancements.

Concluding a dynamic four-day Paediatric Urology Conference, the spotlight shone brightly on Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) for its pioneering strides in revolutionizing child and adolescent healthcare nationwide. This collaborative event, jointly hosted by SIUT and APAPU (Asia Pacific Association of Paediatric Urologists), included the annual meeting of APAPU at SIUT for the first time. Drawing in over 300 urologists, a notable forty among them represented international expertise.

apapu siut paediatric urology congress
The SIUT’s founder and director Dr Adib Rizvi attended paediatric urology conference

The 23rd annual meeting of the APAPU at SIUT marked a significant juncture within the conference. The event seamlessly split into two distinct phases, with the initial two days dedicated to live surgical screenings that captivated and left the audience in awe. Renowned surgeons such as Professor Philip Ransley from the UK, Professor Mark David Leclair from France, and Mazen Zeino from Switzerland orchestrated intricate procedures, conducting surgeries across three theatres simultaneously. Notably, the contributions of Professor Alaa El Ghonemi, a distinguished Egyptian-French surgeon, and the esteemed figure Hameed Haroon, actively engaged in SIUT projects, added to the magnificence of this medical marvel.

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Transitioning into the latter half, the conference delved into scholarly discussions, centering on research papers and comprehensive deliberations. The discourse zeroed in on crucial health issues affecting children in developing nations, engaging in an in-depth dialogue on mortality, disabilities, and other critical concerns.

The speakers, including Hameed Haroon, emphasized the urgency of fostering a conducive environment for disadvantaged children, particularly the marginalized female segment residing in remote areas, where health amenities are direly lacking. Within this context, the significance of the annual meeting of the APAPU at SIUT was highlighted as a crucial initiative aimed at supporting these vulnerable populations. Professor Sajid Sultan, Head of the SIUT Paeds Unit, commemorated the department’s rich history, underscoring the institution’s unwavering commitment to pediatric care, further acknowledging the instrumental role of the annual meeting of APAPU at SIUT in fulfilling this commitment.

Eulogies and tributes poured in for Prof Adib Rizvi, the visionary founder Director of SIUT, hailed for his tireless efforts in establishing a robust Pediatric Surgery Unit within the institution. Celebrating a remarkable 30-year journey, speakers honored Prof Rizvi’s philosophy, highlighting annual meeting of APAPU at SIUT, emphasizing its pivotal role in advancing healthcare for all. SIUT’s steadfast principle of providing free, indiscriminate healthcare was lauded, with special recognition given to the meeting of APAPU at SIUT for its relentless commitment in transcending barriers of caste, color, and creed, ensuring that medical care reaches every individual in need, irrespective of social or economic constraints.

The event, 23rd annual meeting of APAPU at SIUT, served as a resounding testament to SIUT’s unwavering dedication and groundbreaking initiatives, setting a global benchmark in paediatric healthcare. The meeting of APAPU at SIUT resonated with the ethos of compassion, inclusivity, and innovation, showcasing how it embodies these values. This event highlighted SIUT’s commitment to pioneering approaches in paediatric healthcare, solidifying its position as a leader in the field.

apapu siut paediatric urology congress

A distinguished cohort of experts graced the annual meeting of APAPU at SIUT Karachi, showcasing an international convergence of pediatric urology luminaries. Hailing from various corners of the globe, these esteemed professionals actively participated, enriching the discourse with their invaluable insights and expertise.

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Among the notable attendees were Tareq Rahimi from Afghanistan and the Chinese delegation comprising Yichen Huang, Yiqing Lyu, Wu Min, Liu Xing, Ting Zhang, Gaofeng Zhang, and Lijun Zhou, all participating in APAPU at SIUT. Also present was Egyptian expert Aly Abdel-Kerim. The French contingent featured Alaa El Ghoneimi and Marc-David Leclair, while Chung-Kwong Yeung represented Hong Kong. India was well represented by Sujit Chowdhary and M.S. Ansari, both part of APAPU at SIUT. Tarmono Djojodimedjo arrived from Indonesia, and the Japanese delegation included Kaoru Yoshino, Akihiro Kanematsu, Nakata Chikako, and Motohiro Taguchi, all engaged in the 23rd annual meeting of the APAPU at SIUT

The Korean experts contributing to the discussions were Sang Woon Kim, Kun Suk Kim, Kwanjin Park, Sang Hoon Song, and Ji Yong Ha. Malaysia’s representatives included Fui Boon Lai, Pavin Bal, Mohd Yusran Othman, and Koay Yeang Wee. Mustafa S Alghanbar represented Saudi Arabia, and Stephen Shei- Dei Yang came from Taiwan. Turkey’s presence was marked by Abdurrahman Onen and Berk Burgu, while the United Kingdom was represented by Philip G Ransley and Aasem Masood Chaudry. Among them, in the meeting of the APAPU at SIUT, by Fui Boon Lai and Pavin Bal from Malaysia were actively engaged. Additionally, Aasem Masood Chaudry from the United Kingdom contributed to the meeting of the APAPU at SIUT’s discussions as well.

The Pakistani cohort, including members of APAPU at SIUT such as Sajid Sultan, Bashir Ahmed, Sadaf Aba Umer (Paediatric Urology Department-SIUT), and others such as Obaidullah, Zehra Kazmi, Muhammad Arshad, Nabila Talat, Muhammad Kamran Khan, Mushtaq Hussain, Asim Mahmood, Zohaib Zafar, Mazahir Zulfiqar Hussain, Wajeeha Musharaf, Banuprritaa Veejeyahshegarun, Tahir Hussain, Imran Ali, Sadia Ghias, Fawad Humayun Akhtar, Haris Jamil, Ghulam Mujtaba Zafar, Farmanullah, Farzeen Zehra, Ashba Mushtaque, Sanjeet Kumar, Osama Bin Shaheen, Maryam Javaid, Sajjad Ali, Kashifuddin Qayoom, Malik Asad Munir, and Syed Waqas Ali, actively participated in the discussions. The members’ collective knowledge and contributions significantly enriched the vibrant discussions in the meeting of APAPU at SIUT augmenting the exchange of groundbreaking ideas and advancements in pediatric urology.

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