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b adverbs meaning

Adverbs that begin with the English Letter “B” Meaning and usage in Sentences 

“B” adverbs meaning and usage in a sentence are the essential part of speech that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, providing additional information about how, when, where, or to what extent an action or state is happening. They play a key role in conveying precise details and adding depth to our sentences. Let’s explore adverbs that begin with the English letter “B”, along with their meanings and example sentences, to understand their usage and versatility.

Adverbs that begin with letter “B”

Badly: In a poor or unsatisfactory manner.

He sang badly and received negative feedback.

The car was badly damaged in the accident.

Bashfully: In a shy or timid manner.

She smiled bashfully when he complimented her.

The child spoke bashfully to the new teacher.

Beautifully: In a beautiful or aesthetically pleasing manner.

The sunset painted the sky beautifully with vibrant colors.

She danced beautifully across the stage.

Bitterly: With strong resentment or anger.

He complained bitterly about the unfair treatment.

They argued bitterly over the division of assets.

Bleakly: In a desolate or depressing manner.

The landscape appeared bleakly under the gray sky.

She stared out the window bleakly, lost in thought.

Blindly: Without seeing or understanding clearly.

He reached blindly for the light switch in the dark.

She followed his directions blindly, without questioning.

Blissfully: In a state of extreme happiness or joy.

They strolled hand in hand, blissfully unaware of the world around them.

She lay on the beach, sunbathing and blissfully relaxed.

Boldly: In a courageous or daring manner.

He boldly confronted the intimidating bully.

She boldly presented her innovative idea to the board.

Bravely: In a brave or courageous manner.

The firefighter bravely entered the burning building.

She faced her fears bravely and climbed the mountain.

Briefly: For a short period of time; concisely.

He explained the concept briefly before moving on to the next topic.

The meeting was held briefly to discuss the urgent matters.

Brightly: In a bright or vibrant manner.

The sun shone brightly, illuminating the room.

She smiled brightly when she saw her loved ones.

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Briskly: In a quick and energetic manner.

He walked briskly to catch the bus.

She typed briskly to finish the report on time.

Broadly: In a wide or extensive manner.

The river flowed broadly through the valley.

He grinned broadly at the good news.

Busily: In a busy or occupied manner.

The employees worked busily to meet the deadline.

She bustled busily around the kitchen, preparing dinner.

Babyishly: In a manner reminiscent of a baby or infant.

He pouted babyishly when he didn’t get his way.

She giggled babyishly at the sight of the colorful toy.

Back: To a previous position or place.

He stepped back to avoid the oncoming car.

She moved back to her hometown after years of living abroad.

Backstage: In or to the area behind the stage.

The actors hurried backstage to prepare for their scenes.

She waited nervously backstage before her big performance.

Backward: In a backward direction; in reverse.

The car rolled backward down the hill.

He took a step backward to reassess the situation.

Backwardly: In a backward manner; with backward motion.

The dancer moved backwardly across the stage.

He stumbled backwardly when he tripped over the curb.

Bacterially: Relating to or with respect to bacteria.

The infection spread bacterially throughout the body.

The scientist studied the bacterially-induced disease.

Baldly: In a blunt or straightforward manner.

He baldly stated the truth, without sugarcoating it.

She baldly refused to lend him any money.

Balmily: In a soothing or pleasantly mild manner.

The breeze blew balmily through the open window.

They enjoyed a balmily warm evening on the beach.

Bang: With a sudden and loud noise.

The door slammed shut with a loud bang.

He hit the table with a bang to get everyone’s attention.

Barbarously: In a cruel or savage manner.

The prisoners were treated barbarously by their captors.

The invaders behaved barbarously, destroying everything in their path.

Bareback: Riding a horse without a saddle.

She rode the horse bareback, feeling a direct connection.

He held on tightly while riding bareback at the rodeo.

Barely: Only just; scarcely.

He barely managed to catch the train before it departed.

The company survived the financial crisis but barely.

Barometrically: In a manner related to or measured by atmospheric pressure.

The weather forecast is determined barometrically.

The barometrically-driven device accurately predicts changes in air pressure.

Basely: In a dishonorable or morally low manner.

He basely betrayed his friend’s trust for personal gain.

She acted basely by spreading false rumors about her colleague.

Basically: In a fundamental or essential manner.

This is basically air-handling.

Cartoons are basically short stories.

Well, it was basically frustration.

Beamingly: In a radiant or joyful manner.

She smiled beamingly as she accepted the award.

He greeted his friends beamingly after a long absence.

Becomingly: In a suitable or appropriate manner.

She dressed becomingly for the job interview.

He spoke becomingly at the formal event.

Befittingly: In a manner that is appropriate or suitable for a particular situation.

They celebrated the occasion befitttingly with a grand party.

The memorial service was conducted befittingly, honoring the deceased.

Before: In front of or prior to a particular time or event.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the meeting starts.

They had met before and instantly recognized each other.

Beforehand: In advance; ahead of time.

She prepared the presentation beforehand to ensure it was well-rehearsed.

He made reservations at the restaurant beforehand to secure a table.

Behaviorally: In a manner related to behavior or conduct.

The psychologist studied the child’s behaviorally-based issues.

The study focuses on behaviorally-driven decision-making.

Belatedly: After the expected or usual time; delayed.

He belatedly realized his mistake and apologized.

She sent her belatedly birthday wishes to her friend.

Boringly: In a dull or uninteresting manner.

The lecture proceeded boringly, putting the audience to sleep.

He spoke boringly about his daily routine.

Botanically: In a manner related to plants or botany.

The horticulturist studied the flowers botanically, identifying their species.

The plant was analyzed botanically to determine its medicinal properties.

Beggarly: In a manner characterized by poverty or destitution.

He lived beggarly, barely scraping by on the streets.

The beggarly conditions in the slums were heart-wrenching.

Behind: In or to a position further back.

He fell behind the group during the hike.

She left her troubles behind and embarked on a new journey.

Being: In existence; existing.

He enjoyed the simple pleasures of being in nature.

Being alone allows for self-reflection and introspection.

Belligerently: In a hostile or confrontational manner.

He argued belligerently, refusing to listen to opposing viewpoints.

She marched forward belligerently, ready for a fight.

Believably: In a credible or convincing manner.

The actor portrayed the character so convincingly, it felt real.

The witness testified believably, providing crucial information.

Below: In or to a lower position or level.

The temperature dropped below freezing during the winter night.

The submarine descended below the surface of the water.

Beneath: In or to a lower position; under.

The treasure was hidden beneath the old oak tree.

She found a note tucked beneath her pillow.

Beneficially: In a manner that brings advantages or benefits.

Regular exercise contributes beneficially to overall health.

The new policies are expected to impact the economy beneficially.

b adverbs meaning

Benignly: In a kind or gentle manner.

The teacher smiled benignly at her students’ enthusiasm.

The elderly couple waved benignly at the passersby.

Besides: In addition to; apart from.

Besides his full-time job, he also volunteers at a local shelter.

The trip offers many attractions, and besides, it’s affordable.

Best: In the most excellent or effective manner.

She tried her best to succeed in the competition.

He performed his best during the piano recital.

Better: To a greater degree or extent; more.

She knows him better than anyone else.

The second attempt turned out better than the first.

Beyond: To a greater extent or degree than; further than.

His achievements go beyond what was expected of him.

The view from the mountaintop extended beyond their imagination.

Bias: In a prejudiced or unfair manner.

The journalist reported the news with a clear bias.

He made decisions based on personal bias rather than evidence.

Biblically: In a manner related to the Bible or its teachings.

The sermon explained the biblical principles of forgiveness.

The group studied the biblical stories for moral guidance.

Biologically: In a manner related to biology or living organisms.

The scientist examined the specimen biologically, studying its cellular structure.

The medical treatment was designed biologically to target specific genes.

Biennially: Every two years; occurring once every two years.

The conference is held biennially to discuss scientific advancements.

The exhibition showcases biennially curated art pieces.

Bihourly: Occurring every two hours.

The bus service operates bihourly throughout the day.

The employee takes bihourly breaks to stretch and rest.

Bilaterally: In a manner that involves or affects two sides or parties.

The trade agreement was negotiated bilaterally between the two countries.

The surgery was performed bilaterally to address both ears.

Bimonthly: Occurring every two months.

The magazine is published bimonthly, six times a year.

The committee holds bimonthly meetings to discuss ongoing projects.

Bindingly: In a manner that is legally or morally obligatory.

The contract is bindingly enforceable by law.

The decision was made bindingly and cannot be reversed.

Binocularly: Using or relating to both eyes simultaneously.

The birdwatcher observed the rare species binocularly.

The optometrist tested her vision binocularly.

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Bitingly: In a sharp or cutting manner.

She replied bitingly to his sarcastic remark.

The cold wind blew bitingly, making everyone shiver.

Biweekly: Occurring every two weeks.

He receives his salary biweekly, on alternate Fridays.

The project progress is reported biweekly to the stakeholders.

Black: Completely or intensely.

The night was so dark that it was black outside.

He painted the room black to create a cozy atmosphere.

Blamelessly: In a manner free from guilt or fault.

She acted blamelessly in the situation, despite the accusations.

The witness testified that the defendant was blamelessly involved.

Blandly: In a mild or uninteresting manner.

The food was seasoned blandly and lacked flavor.

He spoke blandly, failing to captivate the audience.

Begrudgingly: In a resentful or reluctant manner.

She begrudgingly agreed to help her sister move.

He begrudgingly admitted his mistake after much persuasion.

Bi-monthly: Occurring every two months.

The magazine is published bi-monthly, six times a year.

The committee holds bi-monthly meetings to discuss important matters.

Bizarrely: In a strange or eccentric manner.

He dressed bizarrely, wearing mismatched clothes and colorful accessories.

The story took a bizarrely unexpected twist in the final chapter.

Blankly: In a vacant or expressionless manner.

She stared blankly at the blank sheet of paper.

He listened to the lecture blankly, without comprehending the content.

Blatantly: In an obvious or conspicuous manner.

The politician blatantly lied about his involvement in the scandal.

The price tag was blatantly displayed on the front of the product.

Blazingly: In an extremely hot or intense manner.

The sun was shining blazingly, scorching everything in its path.

The fire spread blazingly through the dry forest.

Blessedly: In a fortunate or blissful manner.

They were blessedly reunited after years of separation.

The rain finally stopped, and they enjoyed a blessedly sunny day.

Blindingly: In an extremely bright or dazzling manner.

The camera flash went off blindingly, temporarily blinding everyone.

The headlights of the oncoming car shone blindingly in his eyes.

Blisteringly: In an extremely fast or intense manner.

She ran blisteringly, setting a new world record.

The desert heat was blisteringly hot, making it difficult to breathe.

Blithely: In a carefree or cheerful manner.

She skipped blithely down the street, humming a tune.

He laughed blithely, enjoying the moment of pure happiness.

Bluntly: In a direct or straightforward manner.

She spoke bluntly, not sugarcoating her opinion.

He told her bluntly that he did not want to go to the party.

Brazenly: In a bold or shameless manner.

He brazenly ignored the rules and faced the consequences.

The thief brazenly stole the valuable artwork in broad daylight.

Breathlessly: In a manner characterized by excitement or anticipation.

She waited breathlessly for the announcement of the winner.

He ran breathlessly, trying to catch the last train.

Breathtakingly: In a stunning or awe-inspiring manner.

Brilliantly: In an exceptionally intelligent or skillful manner.

She solved the puzzle brilliantly, impressing everyone with her wit.

The pianist played the piece brilliantly, eliciting a standing ovation.

Brutally: In a savage or cruel manner.

The dictator ruled the country brutally, suppressing any opposition.

The victim was brutally attacked and left unconscious.

Blasphemously: In a disrespectful or irreverent manner towards sacred things.

He spoke blasphemously about their religious beliefs, causing offense.

The graffiti on the church walls was blasphemously disrespectful.

Bloody: Intensely or involving bloodshed.

The battle was bloody, leaving many casualties on both sides.

The boxer delivered a bloody punch, causing his opponent to bleed.

Blooming: In a healthy, vigorous, or flourishing manner.

The flowers in the garden were blooming beautifully in the spring.

She looked blooming and radiant on her wedding day.

Bluely: In a blue or bluish color.

The sky was painted bluely as the sun began to set.

The ocean water appeared bluely under the clear sky.

Blushingly: In a manner characterized by blushing or embarrassment.

She smiled blushingly as he complimented her appearance.

He confessed his feelings blushingly, his cheeks turning pink.

Boastfully: In a self-promoting or excessively proud manner.

He boastedfully claimed to be the best player on the team.

She spoke boastfully about her accomplishments, seeking praise.

Boastingly: In a manner characterized by bragging or showing off.

He completed the project boastingly, eager to impress his colleagues.

The child ran boastingly to show off his newly acquired skills.

Bodily: In a physical or corporeal manner.

She used bodily force to push open the heavy door.

He suffered bodily injuries in the car accident.

Boiling: In a state of extreme heat or agitation.

The water was boiling, ready to be used for cooking.

The crowd was boiling with excitement as the concert began.

Boilingly: In an extremely hot or passionate manner.

She was boilingly angry at the unfair treatment she received.

The debate became boilingly intense as the candidates clashed.

Boisterously: In a noisy, lively, or rowdy manner.

The children played boisterously in the playground, laughing and shouting.

The party guests sang and danced boisterously into the night.

Bonnily: In a pleasant or attractive manner.

The garden was bonnily decorated with colorful flowers.

The couple walked bonnily hand in hand along the beach.

Bouncingly: In a lively or energetic manner.

The puppy greeted them bouncingly, wagging its tail enthusiastically.

She jumped bouncingly on the trampoline, enjoying the thrill.

Boyishly: In a manner characteristic of a young boy or with youthful enthusiasm.

He grinned boyishly when he received a compliment on his drawing.

The young man flirted boyishly with the girls at the party.

Brag: In a boastful or exaggerated manner.

He liked to brag about his accomplishments, often exaggerating his achievements.

She bragged about her expensive possessions, trying to impress others.

Braggingly: In a manner characterized by boasting or bragging.

He spoke braggingly about his new job and high salary.

The child held up his trophy braggingly, proud of his victory.

Brief: In a short or concise manner.

He answered the question briefly, providing only essential information.

The meeting was kept brief to save time for other discussions.

Bright: In a vivid, radiant, or intelligent manner.

The stars shone bright in the night sky, illuminating the darkness.

She answered the difficult math problem bright and quickly.

Broadcast: In a manner intended for wide dissemination, such as through radio or television.

The news was broadcast to millions of viewers around the world.

The president addressed the nation, broadcasting his message live.

Brokenly: In a fragmented or interrupted manner.

She spoke brokenly, pausing frequently to gather her thoughts.

The old radio played the song brokenly, with intermittent static.

Brotherly: In a manner characterized by affection or camaraderie.

They hugged brotherly after being apart for many years.

He offered his brotherly advice and support during a difficult time.

Bulkily: In a large, heavy, or unwieldy manner.

He carried the bulkily wrapped package with difficulty.

The furniture was arranged bulkily in the small room.

Burdensomely: In a manner that causes difficulty, hardship, or imposes a heavy burden.

The task of organizing the event fell burdensomely on her shoulders.

The heavy backpack weighed burdensomely on his back.

Burning: In a fiery or passionate manner.

He confessed his burning love for her under the starry sky.

The poet wrote burning verses that touched the hearts of many.

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Buzzingly: In a lively, buzzing, or bustling manner.

The city streets were buzzingly crowded with people and vehicles.

The cafe was buzzingly filled with the sound of conversation.

By: In the vicinity or close proximity.

The bus stop is located by the park entrance.

He lives in the house by the beach.


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