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Burnout | An Unyielding Love of A Mother for Her Children

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Can Adriana overcome this?

Burnout, Autism, and Economic Struggles

Being a mother, I am currently recovering from the famous “burnout.”. After working 3 years in a Continuing Care Unit, 24 hours a day. No holidays, no weekends, no vacations, working day and night. My body began to sag—very tired, severe headaches, and facial paralysis!!! What happened? A ball of blood popped into my brain, and I said, “Enough.”. Thank God I got another job and quit. Despite all the setbacks I’ve had throughout my life and always holding the boat alone,

“I Never Give Up. AS MUCH AS IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE, WE ALWAYS TRY TO OVERCOME… With persistence, humility, and resilience,”

I have achieved miracles that I never imagined reaching.

Navigating Burnout: A Mother’s Tale of Divorce, Autism, and a Roller-Coaster Life in Portugal

I got divorced about 8 years ago. The father of my children did not accept the diagnosis of autism in my children. My mother and father also never accepted, supported, or helped me when I needed it most. The only people who supported me were my grandparents. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away four years ago, and my grandmother is in a nursing home for health reasons. I’ve always fought alone with all my strength. I’ve been through many good and bad things. A real roller coaster.

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Overcoming Burnout: The Struggles of Accessing Healthcare for Children with Autism

Today, after a lot of explanation, my family already accepts my children’s condition and specifies a little more. My youngest child receives a disability allowance of approximately €80 per month. He can’t even afford to pay for weekly psychology consultations. The only consultation that the state participates in is child psychiatry and, at this time, auditory training. We have a deficient public health system, mainly in the area of ​​Mental Health. In which you wait months for a consultation in child psychiatry, psychology, neurodevelopment, and speech therapy.

And when you need a quick diagnosis for the good development of the child, you can’t wait months for an appointment. And that’s why many people, like me, choose to resort to the private sector because sometimes we can’t even afford these expenses. But as a mother and caregiver, I will go to the end of the world for my children.

Life After Burnout: The High Cost of Living and Economic Challenges

Unfortunately, in Portugal, a salary of €890 is considered an average salary, and as I do not pay rent, my IRS level does not meet the parameters to be entitled to some benefits. For example, my son’s pass costs €40, and as I have a good “salary,” I am not entitled to have the pass cost less. The cost of living in Portugal has risen sharply, and they have forgotten that electricity, water, gas, and essential goods are far above what a mother with two children can afford.

And of course, today you only buy the essentials for everyone’s well-being. “You know when despair corrupts your soul in such a way that you lose awareness of who you are, what you want, what you like, what makes you happy, and what encourages you! I felt like that; I simply lost myself and plunged into the abyss.

Whenever I feel like this, I think that Adriana had so many phases; it’s just one more. But there are so many phases that it seems that the thread doesn’t break and is continuous. When I think that everything will be calmer now, I will orient myself. This is it!!!! For a brief moment, peace hangs in the sky, everything is calm and peaceful, and suddenly a bomb explodes that turns the bright sky into black clouds when you want to get out of the abyss and you feel like something is pulling you down.

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Finding Light Amid Burnout: Adriana’s Reflection on Strength, Breakdowns, and Resilience

You can still peek at the rays of light, but you plunge back into the immensity of darkness, feeling suffocated. I’ve always been told that life’s difficulties strengthen, even if you learn from them. Then!!!!! Here is the crux of the matter:!

The thing that revolts me the most is when they say,

Adriana, you are a fighter and a strong woman. You can handle it; you can do it!!!!! Have you ever stopped to think that as strong as we are, we also break?

Burnout Warrior: Adriana’s Unearthly Strength Amidst Life’s Adversities

We also have our bad days, in a bad mood, of revolt with the world!!! Yes, maybe I know why they say I’m strong!!! Maybe they are right! When I stop to think and look at the life stories of other people with similar problems to mine and with the same extreme adversity, I see this supernatural strength in me and that I have managed to overcome all obstacles with distinction. As? I don’t know! Maybe because of this strength that they say I have so much—an almost inhuman strength that sometimes leads you to stop being yourself—you don’t even recognize yourself.

But you can win by looking at the last ray of sunshine that makes you vibrate inside and feel like you’re alive after all.

Adriana Invites You In: Join the Conversation on Triumph, Resilience, and Shared Experiences! 🌟💬

Hey everyone! 🌸 It’s Adriana here! I’ve poured my heart into sharing my journey with you. 🌈✨ Now, I’m super curious to know your thoughts! What resonated with you in my story? Please share it with others, and also share your comments below! Your experiences and insights mean the world to me. 💖

Written by Adriana Delgado

She is working as Technical Director. She finished a postgraduate degree in Animal Assisted Therapy. In addition to her experience as a Social Worker in the area of the elderly, She also worked as a cashier at Banco Espírito Santo, as administrative at Peugeot-Marpal.

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