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Sui Gas Bill Payment Online | Explore the Easiest Way

sui gas bill online
Streamlining my expenses with just a click. Managing my Sui Gas utility bill efficiently from the comfort of my desk.

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How to Check your Sui Gas bill online?

Managing utility bills can be a hassle, but the Sui Gas company has made it easier for residents of Sindh and Balochistan. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about your Sui Gas Bill, including how to check it online.

Understanding your Sui Gas Bill is crucial for managing your household budget effectively. The process to check the Sui Gas Bill online is straightforward and convenient. By following a few simple steps, you can easily access your bill details without any hassle.

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You can register for the e-bill service, which the Sui Southern Gas Company recently launched for customer convenience. Here are the requirements for the form:



Gas bill stolen? Gas bill torn? No worries. Fill out the form below and subscribe to SSGC’s gas bill electronically to make your life easier.

  1. SSGC Customer Number
  2. Applicant Status: Owner or Tenant
  3. Full Name (As per CNIC)
  4. E-Mail Address
  5. Email OTP: Enter Email OTP Code
  6. Select Telco
  7. Mobile Number: Valid format: 923331234567
  8. You wish to Register:
    • Because you want to register for e-bill and do not want a paper bill.
    • As you want to register for e-bill and also want a paper bill.
    • As well as you do not want an e-bill, as I require a paper bill.
  9. Updating CNIC Number on Bill (Optional): If you are a tax-filer and your name is present on FBR’s Active Taxpayer list, kindly upload your CNIC against your current account number to become eligible for income tax exemption (Optional).
  10. CNIC Number: Format: 12345-1234567-7
  11. CNIC Front Image: Format: JPEG, PDF only! The maximum input file is 1MB.
  12. CNIC Back Image: Format: JPEG, PDF only! The maximum input file is 1MB.

If the permanent or present address on your CNIC matches the address on the Sui Gas Bill, your record will be updated.

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Many users find it convenient to check their Sui Gas Bill online. This method saves time and avoids the need to visit service centers. Additionally, you can download or print your Sui Gas Bill for record-keeping purposes.

sui gas bill online payment
Stay informed, pay seamlessly: Sui Gas bill management made simple.

To check your Sui Gas Bill, visit the official website. The website is user-friendly and provides all the necessary information. You will need your consumer number, which is available on previous bills. Enter this number to retrieve your current Sui Gas Bill details.

Payment Methods for Your Sui Gas Bill

  1. Internet/Online Banking: You can pay your Sui Gas Bill through your bank’s online banking platform. Online banking options include AlBaraka, Allied Bank, Askari Bank, Bank Alfalah, Bank Al Habib Ltd, Dubai Islamic Bank, Faysal Bank, HBL, Bank Islami, MCB, Meezan Bank, Samba, Silkbank, Soneri Bank, Standard Chartered, Summit Bank, and UBL. Log in to your account and follow the instructions to make the payment.
  2. Bank Call Centers: Banks that accept bill payments include Allied Bank, Bank Alfalah, Faysal Bank, Habib Metropolitan Bank, Bank Islami, MCB, Summit Bank, and UBL.
  3. ATMs: Some banks allow bill payments through their ATMs, including AlBaraka, Allied Bank, Askari Bank, Bank Alfalah, Bank Al Habib Ltd, Dubai Islamic Bank, Faysal Bank, HBL, Habib Metropolitan Bank, Bank Islami, MCB, Meezan Bank, Samba, Silk Bank, Sindh Bank, Soneri Bank, Standard Chartered, Summit Bank, and UBL.
  4. Bill Payment Kiosks: Look for Sui Gas Bill Payment Kiosks at convenient locations of NADRA e-Sahulat. These kiosks allow you to pay your bill directly.
  5. Retail Shops: Payments can be made at HBL Express, Mobicash, NADRA e-Sahulat, Easypaisa, UBL Omni, Ubank, and Timepey.
  6. Doorstep Cheque Collection: Available through Faysal Bank and Pakistan Post.
  7. IVR (Integrated Voice Response): IVR payment options include Allied Bank, Arif Habib Bank, and Summit Bank.
  8. Petrol Pumps: Pakistan State Oil also accepts bill payments, and you can use bill payment kiosks at NADRA e-Sahulat.
  9. Phone Payments: Dial the SSGC helpline at +92 21 1199 or +92 21 99021000 and follow the prompts to pay your Sui Gas Bill over the phone.
  10. Mobile Phone Bill Payments: Use mobile wallet apps or banking apps to pay your Sui Gas Bill online. For example, you can download the myABL Wallet app to pay your bill.
  11. Credit Card Payments: Accepted credit cards include Bank Alfalah, MCB, Standard Chartered, and UBL.

Tips for Managing Your Sui Gas Bill

For any discrepancies in your Sui Gas Bill, you can contact customer service. They offer support through phone and email at, ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly. Keeping track of your Sui Gas Bill has never been easier.

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Moreover, you can set reminders to check your Sui Gas Bill regularly. This helps in avoiding late payments and additional charges. Staying informed about your bill ensures better financial management.

Important Note
If your request is unheard, you can file a complaint at the Citizen’s Portal. This platform ensures that your grievances are addressed properly.

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