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Childrens Good Education Builds Nation

children's good education

Childrens education and training are crucial

Childrens education and training begin with their birth. Parents’ role is the most important part of the education and training of children. That is why it was said that the first seminary of the child is on the mother’s lap. Then it was also said that a mother produces a good generation with good education and training. Education and training are the two things that are the food of the human soul. Nations’ success is hidden in children’s good education.

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Psychologists believe that the child accepts the effects of his environment very quickly, and that is a reality. He sees what he hears around him. In this stage of life, the child is unable to discriminate between right and wrong because he is going through the process of learning. Whoever hears it, a sketch is created in the child’s mind that is preserved in his mind. Psychologists believe that a child’s brain is like blank paper.

The responsibility of parents and teachers

From an early age to consciousness, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide children with an environment where they will remain among the people who will see them doing it. The environment in which the child will stay will be learned by himself.

Gradually, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the teachers a few years later. The two most important elements of society are parents and teachers, which both depend on the education and training of the child. It is generally believed that training is the responsibility of the parents and the education of the teachers. While it is not in practice,.

Although the responsibility of education is high on the teacher, they are not obliged to train. Similarly, the responsibility of training parents is high, but they cannot separate themselves from their child’s education. “The secret of real politeness is good training,” said Christian Dore, a renowned French designer for the world’s top fashion houses. There is no status against the excellent training of costumes, amazing items, and good beauty.

Teachers and parents also play a very important role in the training of children. A teacher is a role model for the students. Students accept the effect of this process more than the teacher’s lecture. An excellent teacher makes the qualities he wants to see in his students. Make the habits and qualities that your students want to mirror. If the teachers are happy with morals, mercifulness, and patience, then these habits will, after some time, be found in their habits, and this is a good example of training. This is the reason why education and training are important in every society and every nation.

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Responsibility of a teacher and an educational institution

The most important point is that those of us who put academic responsibility on the teacher and the educational institution. Education and training take place at home, and with the education and training from the same home, the child goes to school, where teachers highlight the child’s mental abilities. It is also worth noting that teachers and parents are not separate components; they both move and assist in each other’s work.

children's good education

Important points for parents

  • Parents should take some time with regular planning and ask the child about the time and work spent at school.
  • Try to know the topics of conversation with her friends, whether they talk or like to discuss with their friends in school.
  • I also learned about the classroom environment and the attention teachers on students.
  • Focus on school-related homework and complete it, and try to complete the child’s homework.
  • Keep checking the diary of links between the school and the parents so that teachers’ comments or guidance can be addressed timely.
  • Parents must also go to their children’s school from time to time to make pleasant contact between parents and teachers.

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If parents think that the responsibility of education is only with the teacher, they are undoubtedly mistaken. Similarly, teachers who put the full responsibility of training on the parents are not correct. We have yet to talk about the two characters of the topic, which are teachers and parents. But the most important role is that of a child, who is also a child and a disciple. The honor of the teacher is the first duty of the student, but innovation. Most students think that the teacher is an employee who is paid for an hour or two. Likewise, in education, which has now become a very profitable business, the teacher also thinks that he has to teach the child for an hour or two hours and take compensation, and that’s it.

In these circumstances, the philosophy of our elders has almost broken that the teacher is equal to the father. If these basic things do not happen in the academic and training systems of any society, the misconduct of children will increase.

Important points for a child or student

  • The child must respect the teacher and parents as a child and a student.
  • The child should be given the freedom to inform the parents or the school administration about the teacher’s style of education and behavior.

Parents also have a responsibility to consider the school a continuation of home education and training. The whole process is not one-sided, so putting all the burden on the child in this process. In this process, the role of the parents has been discussed in detail. The teacher should play the role of an ideal teacher by not thinking of himself as compensation.

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Important points for teachers

  • The teacher understands that it is the responsibility of the parents to explain the difference between falsehoods in the child.
  • The relationship between the teacher and the student also requires compassion and respect.
  • Teachers should be so gentle that students can easily discuss any academic or personal topic without hesitation.
  • The essence of the teachers should be so hard that there is a concept of any kind of nasty conversation or ignorance with the teachers for the students.

Just as a mother is aware of the psychology of each of her children, a teacher should be aware of the psychology of each of her students, as teachers are like gardeners who are aware of every flower and every plant in their garden. And every plant takes care of its psychology. However, the education and training of the child is the mutual responsibility of parents and teachers. It is the teachers who make their students with compassion and hard work.

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