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Coin the Education: Free Learning for All

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Coin the Education Volunteers

Coin the Education (CTE) popularly known as CTE is a council of citizens of Pakistan. It is a volunteer family network-based council with people-to-people contact aimed towards providing enlightened education for children who hail from the families of small farmers, labourers orphans or those who represent the vulnerable segments of society. Friends of CTE family stand shoulder to shoulder with our government for the cause of promotion of education in villages and remote areas and groom them as responsible citizens.

According to Agha Shakeel and Nadeem Bhutto, members of an organization called Coin the Education,

‘It was the collective wisdom and concept of around 200 volunteers, the majority of whom graduated from Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, that enabled them to put in efforts in the right and constructive manner (CTE).’

What are the prominent features of CTE?

Coin the Education is the struggle of common citizens of Pakistan from all over Pakistan to get organized for promoting progressive Education for a healthy and progressive Society. Some Prominent Features include:

  • Coin the Education movement struggling to transform into an effective volunteer forum where children will grow together promoting the cause of education.
  • CTE has started its journey from Scholarship. It is a yearly scholarship awarded to primary/middle school-going children who want to go to school but due to various constraints are unable to get/continue their education.
  • The money pooled through Coin the Education and other channels is utilized 100% only for the education of children either through scholarships or supporting education through other ways.
  • This Scholarship includes tuition fees, School Uniforms, Shoes, School bags, Books / Notes Books and other stationery materials required for the child throughout the year. The scholarship is awarded at the beginning of every academic year/session.
  • Preference is given to the choice of the child opting for any nearby school whether public or private keeping in view the interests of the child to get an education efficiently.
  • Initially, the Scholarship has been started in the Dadu district of Sindh – Pakistan.
  • Friends (volunteers) visit the schools of children and supervise the scholarship initiative.
  • Friends of Coin the Education movement belongs to every part of Pakistan and outside.
  • Friends are also encouraged to share the concept of scholarship with their children and family members at home as we all grow together through the CTE initiative.
  • Information / Pictures/ Videos of children are shared on the page with the consent of Parents aiming to make it a transparent information-sharing network with Friends.

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What services are offered by CTE in the field of education?

CTE offers multiple educational scholarships which contribute towards the promotion of the education of children in the country. Some 1000 are enrolled in multiple scholarship schemes. One of the CTE scholarships is CTE 100 Dr Adib Rizvi Library and Stationary Bank called DARLSB scholarship. First DARSLSB is established in Mohammad Essa Hullio Village-Moen-Jo-Dar for children at Government Boys Primary School.

DARLSB Bank ensures that as many children of farmers may get, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, notebooks, and other stationary items which usually student needs in a class.

coin the education

What are the difficulties a student face in the village?

A labour earns something like Rs. 600 on an average day while the labour works 22 days a month. The working labour is hardly able to provide two meals to her or his children. The question is how labour can afford the required stationary for his or her children. On average, a household in villages comprises four children in a household.

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What steps are taken by CTE?

DARLSB starts a “Mobile Stationary Bank that will cater for the stationery needs of the children.

coin the education

Dr Adibul Hassan Rizvi, the founder of the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), has remarked that health and education are people’s birthright. He inaugurated a mobile library and stationary bank organized by CTE at Karachi Press Club.

He praised the initiative of CTE and said it was admirable that 2 years back a library was inaugurated close to Moenjodaro, which taught the world the art of civilised living, had been established to give readers a glimpse into history. He said that we fully support the cause for education and offered the organizers to provide us with the list of required items to us so that we could contribute.

“I am delighted of the young volunteers of the coin the education, who have individually made a significant contribution to the founding of library services in remote and least developed areas,” he said.

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These libraries would flourish and serve ‘our children when we will no more be in this world’, he said. “I am honoured to be invited to this village for the purpose and I appreciate the spirit of the youth that have made it possible,” he said.

coin the education
Dr Adib Rizvi Visits the library

According to Agha Shakeel; “With the help of the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation and City Family – Dr Adeeb Rizvi’s mobile stationary bank educational facilities are going to be delivered to the door of the school. Four thousand notebooks, twelve thousand pencils, and some other stationery have been collected by the city family in the first phase. CTE ordered 4000 more Note Books supported by CTE Family from Punjab. Millions of children of labourers and farmers do not have pencils and copies. How will knowledge advance when there is no pen and copy to write with?”

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