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COPD symptoms, causes and prevention; Learn now

copd, symptoms
COPD symptoms, treatment, causes learn now

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is a disease of the narrowing of the respiratory tract.

It is the collective name for a number of chronic lung conditions that make it difficult to exhale air from the lungs. Emphysema, persistent bronchitis, and occasionally asthma are some of these illnesses.  As this disease is increasing rapidly worldwide and resulting in deaths, it will become the third leading cause of death in the world in the next few years.

Difference between COPD and asthma

COPD symptoms are often more persistent and might include a cough that produces mucus. One significant distinction is that asthma generally induces symptoms of rattle and chest tightness, shortness of breath, and trouble taking a deep breath.

Main causes

Smoking is the leading cause of COPD in men, while in women, the disease is caused by the smoke produced by burning wood, dung, etc. COPD has a prevalence of 49% in women and 61% in men. It is much less common in children. As the name suggests, the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a disease of the elderly. Most people are unaware of their disease.

In the last decades, smoking has been presented as an attractive symbol of strength and courage. Due to this, the affected people became victims of smoking and most of them developed COPD. So gradually restrictions were placed on the advertising of smoking, as harmful as it is, it should be criminalized because bystanders are more or less affected by secondhand smoke as much as the smoker. It happens by itself.

copd, symptoms

Symptoms of Asthma and COPD

The experts said that the symptoms of asthma and COPD are almost the same, such as frequent cough, difficulty breathing due to mucus in the chest, and shortness of breath. Asthma develops from childhood and is cured, whereas COPD occurs in older people and the patient is given life-long inhaler drugs.

Tobacco is used in many forms, including cigarette tobacco, hookah, smoking shisha, it also includes snuff. If it is continued for 25 years, the risk of developing COPD increases, while its rate also increases with age. Air pollution, vehicle smoke, and household pollution are the causes of this disease. It is created which must be addressed.

The rate is high in winter which increases every year, because of shortness of breath every year coughs and colds are occurring and if the common man stays for a long time then it becomes mandatory to get diagnosed by a doctor. The downside of not getting timely treatment and early diagnosis is that the airways narrow and breathing becomes difficult.

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Experts advise the laboratory tests and diagnosis of COPD by Sputum examination, Spirometry, Blood tests, bronchodilator therapy, Chest X-ray or CT scan, electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), and Genetic testing.


COPD and asthma can be prevented by timely treatment. Life can be made easier and suffering can also be reduced.

If women cook for two hours in a closed room where there is no proper ventilation, they may also face the same harm as smoking, it is called domestic pollution.

The fuel and other things burning in the brick kilns are only cheated to change the color and give them yellow color to show the good quality of the bricks, this poison is being released into the air and vehicles and the smoke infects both lungs.

Unluckily, the proportion of the population is increasing, which causes more problems, and there is no checking and control of air pollution.

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Strengthen lungs with COPD

Here are some suggestions to stop your COPD from getting worse. Learn the “Pursed Lip” Breathing Exercise for COPD, quit smoking, maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, sit or stand properly, exercise regularly,  identify and steer clear of your triggers, attend pulmonary rehabilitation, include more activity in your day, and take your medications as directed. Put sleep first, and also get your yearly immunizations, including the COVID-19 shot.

Strengthening lungs can be done through Walking, jogging, jumping rope, stationary or outdoor cycling, cross-country skiing, skating, rowing, and low-impact aerobics or water aerobics are all examples of aerobic workouts.

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