Each child is unique | An untold experience

each child is unique
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Each Child is Unique

In 7th grade, I read a story about a girl named Toto Chan. She was a unique learner. She did not learn through the traditional ways. She got transferred to a school that was more her type, etc. I live in Pakistan, and it’s really hard to find a school that has a chill system. All schools are traditional, and I’m not much into it. I would call myself a fun learner, but I do not enjoy old ways to learn with the big books and traditional essays on certain rulers 639 years ago or something.

Each child is a different and unique individual.

Each child is different. Some people may be able to do all the math and the 10-page long essay with hard words, and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean we unique learners have a disability or problem. I feel that being a unique learner is so amazing, and you are truly blessed if you learn like that.

I don’t really support the education system, they are supposed to teach us about the economy, how to be skilled, how to make money, how to follow your dreams, etc. A lot of people have said that school is a graveyard for buried dreams and that might very well be true. I want a school that supports me and doesn’t push me to make decisions I don’t want.

each child is unique
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The teenage years are the years you feel everything and when you (guardians like parents, teachers, etc.) can mold minds however you want. Now think about it my way: we were being molded by schools. And it’s a pity for us (people who are surrounded by traditional schools) because we’re being molded the way we don’t want to, especially the IQ-based and creative learners.

I’m surrounded by schools that push you out of your limit, not in a good way, way too traditionally, so I get so scared about changing schools. Maybe I will not fit their study standards. It really scares me. I wish I could make a school for the different learners, or these fun schools and IQ-based learning schools should be normalized.

We have so much potential. We can do so many outstanding things that people couldn’t imagine. The biggest people were like us. They dropped out of school or college or weren’t good at school, so they got expelled (Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc.).

The world would be so much better if these types of schools were normalized in society. Schools and educationists must understand that not each child is alike. Not each child learns at the same pace. Each child is unique and different. Some parents I know are also like this. Sticking to the traditional ways and using their child like a puppet to do whatever they want. Not letting the child let out their creative sense. Not letting the child be who they want to be. They are individuals, and so is everyone else; therefore, everyone should be able to choose what they want to be or what they want to do. Some children just want to make their parents proud so they go out of the way to do stuff to please their parents when in the end they not pleasing themselves. That’s wrong. We should take advice, discuss, and always follow our passion.

Why else are we being given the opportunity to dream when we won’t follow the call?

My friend wants to do something other than what her parents want her to do, for which reason she was talking to me the other day and said to me when we were discussing fields. She said, “But let’s be honest, who’s going to allow that?” in our language. It really hurts me that the world has come so far, but still, there are children who aren’t allowed to do what they want or what they’re passionate about. I wish I could help them, but we are not the ones who decide that.

That’s all for today; more in another article. Bye!

Written by Raina Khan

Raina Khan

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