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Embrace Neurodiversity | How to think Outside the box

embrace neurodiversity
Celebrating the beauty of diverse minds: Embrace neurodiversity and let unique perspectives shine. 🌈 #Neurodiversity #InclusionMatters

Embrace the freedom to be who you are!

A Message for all communities that feel “outside the box”

My name is Adriana, I’m 47 years old, I’m a social worker, I have a postgraduate degree in animal-assisted therapy and a hairdressing and canine aesthetics course, and I have two children (16 and 13 years old) with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I’ve lived for 46 years feeling outside the box, embrace neurodiversity, and refusing to conform to society’s expectations.

Out of step with society, which simply creates human robots so that they are all the same and don’t break the ridiculous rules that blight our personalities, I’ve learned to embrace neurodiversity and appreciate the unique strengths and talents of individuals like my children.

Embracing Neurodiversity – Autism and ADHD Diagnosis

At the age of 46, I made the decision to undergo an assessment by an autistic psychiatrist with expertise in autism, and unsurprisingly, my suspicions were confirmed: I am autistic with ADHD. This pivotal revelation allowed me to get into the “whys” that had haunted me throughout my life and to be perplexed by my reactions to certain situations. Now, through this newfound understanding, I can embrace neurodiversity, acknowledging and accepting my differences. This diagnosis has liberated the person I truly am, who had been confined within herself for 46 years, constrained by the whims of an inhuman and hypocritical society. I have found the strength to embrace neurodiversity and confidently say no when something bothers me, asserting my authenticity.

embrace neurodiversity
Together We Rise: Build a world where neurodiversity thrives, starting with ‘Outside the Box’ and its inclusive network.

It’s Time to Fully Embrace Neurodiversity and Transform the Way We Teach

Through my own experience and the injustices my children have suffered due to a lack of knowledge, rules, and ignorance on the part of society, especially teachers and health professionals, there is a pressing need to embrace neurodiversity. Schools are not at all prepared for those “outside the box,” and when I use this term, I’m not just referring to autism and ADHD, but to any kind of difference. When the school talks about inclusion, it excludes more!

There is still a long process of personal and human development for teachers, school management, the government, health professionals, and society as a whole. This ongoing process should involve a genuine commitment to embrace neurodiversity, recognizing and celebrating the richness that diverse perspectives bring to the educational landscape.

A Wake-Up Call for Schools to Embrace Neurodiversity and Nurture Individuality

In my journey, I have witnessed the consequences of a system that struggles to embrace neurodiversity. My children’s experiences underscore the urgent need for change. Schools, instead of fostering an environment that nurtures individuality, often perpetuate exclusion. When discussions about inclusion arise, they tend to inadvertently dismiss the very essence of diversity, failing to embrace neurodiversity comprehensively. This points to the necessity for a profound shift in the mindset of teachers, school administrators, policymakers, and health professionals—a shift towards genuine understanding, acceptance, and the proactive decision to embrace neurodiversity as a valuable asset rather than a challenge to be overcome.

Introducing ‘Outside the Box’: A Revolutionary Project Celebrating Neurodiversity and Supporting Those Who Think Different

Inspired by my eldest son’s group of friends and as an autistic person, I’m creating a project called “Outside the Box” for anyone who feels out of place in society, regardless of their pathology. The project, at its core, is about embrace neurodiversity. It includes support sessions for those who feel “Outside the box” and emphasizes the importance of embrace neurodiversity in all its forms. Information sessions and workshops in schools and in public or private companies are geared towards promoting understanding and encouraging the broader community to embrace neurodiversity.

embrace neurodiversity
Celebrating the beauty of diverse minds: Embrace neurodiversity and let unique perspectives shine. 🌈 #Neurodiversity #InclusionMatters

Join the Movement and Make a Difference in Your Community

Additionally, the project provides information services on social rights and support in filling out documentation, contributing to a society that wholeheartedly embraces neurodiversity. Autism has a voice, and there’s nothing better than an autistic person to expose all the difficulties and discrimination we face along the way!


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Written by Adriana Delgado

She is working as Technical Director. She finished a postgraduate degree in Animal Assisted Therapy. In addition to her experience as a Social Worker in the area of the elderly, She also worked as a cashier at Banco EspĂ­rito Santo, as administrative at Peugeot-Marpal.

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