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Endoscopy Infection Control: WHO Expert shares Insights

endoscopy infection control
Nizam Damani shares insights on Endoscopy and Infection Control

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Karachi- The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) hosted a comprehensive workshop on Endoscopy, featuring a presentation by Prof. Nizam Damani, a distinguished Senior Infection Prevention and Control Consultant with the World Health Organization. The workshop aimed to equip healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge and best practices in endoscopy infection control, and procedures, ensuring patient safety, and improved outcomes.

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endoscopy infection control

SIUT Workshop Equips Healthcare Professionals with Latest Techniques in Endoscopy

Welcome Remarks and Workshop Overview

Prof. Anwar Naqvi, a renowned urology professor at SIUT, delivered the welcome address, highlighting the importance of continuous learning and skill development in the medical field. He emphasized SIUT’s commitment to providing healthcare professionals with the latest advancements in medical practices through workshops like this.

Fundamental Concepts: Decontamination of Reusable Devices

Dr. Asma Nasim, a prominent authority in the field, inaugurated the educational sessions with an in-depth exploration of the fundamental principles of decontaminating reusable medical devices. Her insightful lecture laid a solid groundwork for the workshop, emphasizing the critical importance of proper endoscope hygiene.

Understanding Endoscopy: Risks, Types, and Tools

Prof. Nizam Damani, the guest speaker, then took center stage. His in-depth presentation explored the various aspects of endoscopy, including:

  • Risk of Infections: Prof. Damani shed light on the potential risks of infections associated with endoscopy procedures. Participants gained valuable knowledge on preventing cross-contamination, maintaining sterile environments, and adhering to strict protocols to ensure patient safety.
  • Types of Endoscopes: He provided a comprehensive overview of different endoscopy procedures, their applications, and the significance of accurate diagnosis through these minimally invasive techniques. Participants learned about the various types of endoscopes used for specific procedures.
  • Types of Disinfectants: Prof. Damani discussed the different types of disinfectants used in endoscopy units and their appropriate applications. Understanding the effectiveness of various disinfectants is crucial for proper decontamination procedures.

Designing for Efficiency and Safety

Prof. Damani further emphasized the importance of well-designed endoscopy units. He discussed the significance of proper layout, equipment placement, and infection control measures for optimizing workflow and ensuring patient safety.

Reprocessing Flexible Endoscopes

A dedicated session focused on the crucial process of reprocessing flexible endoscopes. Prof. Damani provided detailed insights into the meticulous steps involved in ensuring these instruments are completely disinfected and sterilized before each use.

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Practical Demonstration: A Visual Guide

Prof. Nizam Damani concluded the workshop with a practical demonstration video that proved to be both informative and engaging. This visual guide effectively illustrates the proper techniques for cleaning and disinfecting flexible endoscopes. Through the video’s step-by-step approach, participants gained hands-on knowledge to uphold the highest standards of hygiene.

SIUT’s Commitment to Patient Care

The workshop at SIUT serves as a testament to the institute’s unwavering commitment to providing the best possible care for its patients. By equipping healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge and techniques in endoscopy, SIUT ensures that patients receive safe and effective procedures while minimizing the risk of infections. This reinforces SIUT’s reputation as a leading healthcare institution in Pakistan, dedicated to advancing medical practices and improving patient outcomes.

Written by Dr Faraz A. C

Dr. Faraz A. Chundiwala, a multifaceted professional, bridges the gap between healthcare, education, and marketing. His scientific background fuels his passion for empowering patients through clear communication and health education. Previously in education, Dr. Chundiwala fostered a love of STEM in students. Now, he leverages his marketing expertise to develop strategic healthcare and education brands.

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