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How to Take Energy Saving Measures at Home

energy saving measures
How to take energy saving measures at home

An endless series of load shedding has been going on in our country for many years. This problem is aggravated in summers, while in colder seasons too, load-shedding is sometimes faced by power supply companies due to various reasons such as a reduction in gas supply or due to repairs. While the state is working to overcome the energy crisis, you can also play your part in improving the situation by saving energy which means saving money.

Today we are presenting at your service some simple and useful energy-saving tips, which can be easily implemented.

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The bedroom

Of the overall electricity consumption in the home, the share of electricity consumed in the bedroom is quite high. Run your room’s air conditioner at 26 degrees Celsius. Keep windows and doors well closed to keep the room cool. Turn off the air conditioner two hours before getting up in the morning and reduce the fan speed.

This way your room will stay cool for two to three hours. Also, don’t leave your smartphones charging overnight as phones get fully charged within a few hours. If you watch television in your bedroom, don’t leave it on ascend-by mode because it continues to use electricity. Switch off the TV set before going to bed.

The living room

The most used room in the house is the living room. So if you want to save energy, pay attention to the living room. Natural light is abundant in almost all parts of Pakistan during the day.

So design the living room in such a way that natural light must reach there. Install glass sliding door and mesh sliding door on the outer wall of the room for air circulation. You open the glass sliding door for air and close the mesh sliding door to keep out mosquitoes etc. In this way, the problem of light and air in the living room will also be solved. Do not leave unused electrical appliances on standby, switch them off when finished. By doing this, four to five thousand rupees can be saved annually.

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Children’s room

Running a TV and game console can cost eight to ten thousand rupees annually in terms of electricity. Unplugging the console when not in use can cut power consumption by about half a percent. Encourage your children to unplug appliances by making the switch easy to access, but carefully explain how to do it first.

If your children need light at night, make sure to use a low-energy bulb (zero-energy bulb). If you are planning of buying a new computer, you should know that a new laptop can save a good amount annually in energy compared to an old desktop computer and it also takes up less space.

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The porch

The most common use of electric lights is on the porch of the house, where energy-efficient LED bulbs can save your money per bulb per year. The lights should be installed as much as the light is needed, unnecessarily more lights will increase the electricity bill.

energy saving measures
How to take energy saving measures at home

Washing clothes

Spin the clothes on the spin cycle of the washing machine before putting them in the dryer. Wash the clothes only after the washing machine has completed one load. Washing one suit will consume the same amount of electricity as washing four suits.

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Make it a habit to shower early as this will save both water and electricity. Run the exhaust fan as long as necessary to eliminate condensation and hubs. Many people forget to turn off the bathroom lights, so take special care in this regard.

Consider alternative energy

In outdoor areas of the home that receive direct sunlight, use solar devices to meet nighttime lighting needs. Charge solar bulbs and other solar devices during the day and burn them at night.

Buy inverter air conditioners and inverter refrigerators instead of normal air conditioners and refrigerators. You will make up the price difference through the difference in electricity bills over a season.

Also, if you see any spare lights or fans open in any part of the house, switch them off immediately, especially before going to bed at night. Always remember saving energy is not only saving your money but will also help others to make their home brightened.

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