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Linguistic potential through attentive listening and precise pronunciation. 🗣️📚 #LanguageLearning #CommunicationSkills

The process of learning any language in the world starts in your EARS!

Can you imagine?

This is because they are where sounds used to walk into you brain start forming the basic framework of a language. It is a simple step yet requires a close attention.

Listening skill is a crucial skill that we need to consider when we start learning any tool of communication, its importance is vastly noticeable over young kids when they tend to speak exactly.

language learning skills
The door to a world of possibilities through the key of English fluency. 🌍🔑📚 #LanguageJourney #EnglishLearning

What their household members utter. Don’t you notice?

Reflecting the previous two points on learning English as a Second Language, it is important to take listening to the correct English Pronunciation (the Cinderella of the language) as a first step in the learning ladder, as it leads you to speak in clear correct way that is understood by everyone no matter what you first language is. So that, your dream English accent is hidden under its sound system (the appetizer), and you are capable to find it.

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Written by Najlaa Dahab

Najla Dahab is an English Language, Arabic for non-native Teacher, and IELTS, PTE trainer. She has a BA in English Language and Literature, an MA in Translation, and has been an ESL teacher for more than seven years. She is currently working as an IELTS Trainer at Vision Institute Ajman. There is no further information available about her.


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  1. Great Summary for great an English, Arabic language Teacher for non- native and IELTS trainer, PTE trainer.
    One of most important skill that help your Learners that is listening skill

    • Great othentic method of the start of learning an English as a second language or any other language for children. As the good listener is a good speaker that automatically leads to learn the four basic skills for the learners that makes it a very good idea.

  2. Well said and described !! Each n every sentence is very deep and hv clear meaning . Nice work Nijlaa keep it up and teach people further

  3. There you have it guys, well put and clearly stated most popular skill in learning any language is the skill of listening , as far as am concerned listening has helped me a lot to in learning English.. Thank you our great team teacher for this article which is by the way sheds lights on the core of language learning

  4. You mentioned a very important point, which is the importance of listening skill because it has a great impact on learning the required language. We notice this clearly in the fact that children born in foreign countries acquire the language of the country and master it completely, and it becomes like the mother tongue. In conclusion, if we want to learn any language, we must pay attention to the skill of listening, and most importantly, the availability of a teacher who is proficient in correct pronunciation.

  5. I totally agree with @Najlaa Dahab, the simple and easy way for beginners as well as for those who want to improve their communication skills in their professional life.
    My personal and sincere advice to you would be to have a consistent approach in sharing your unique way of writing. This will not only earn a fame but also a great respect being a teacher who have a great passion for all. Bravo!

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