Change the Way You Feel to Change the Way You Do Things.

feel to change

Feel to change

What would you say, if I told you that how you feel actually influences what you do and what you achieve? I am sure you will agree, as you may have experienced “good days” and “bad days” in your life too and I am sure the good days would have been the ones where the overpowering feeling for you would have been “good”…

We, humans, are so conscious of our feelings, that we decide what we will do based on how we are feeling. But what are these feelings? They are just reactions to your thoughts and to your words.

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Words that you may have been told, or you may have said to yourself or you may have heard. And what happens when we hear those words? Our mind creates a visual to represent the word.

Want to test it? Well, think of a Black elephant.

Did you just do that?

If Yes? Then you saw a picture.

If No? how do you know you didn’t see a black elephant?

Whatever your answer to this question, the fact is that you did see a picture. Your mind cannot work without showing you visuals and the quality of these visuals decides how you “feel”…

So now reflect, what do you think about most in your day?

Let me tell you another fact here… according to the National Science Foundation, an average human has around 60,000 thoughts in a day. So don’t go ahead saying “I don’t think about anything”, because the scientific finding is that “you do”.

So, reflect, what were your last thoughts about?

  • What crossed your mind today?
  • Who was in your thoughts today?
  • Did you remember your childhood?
  • Did you have a conversation in your head about something that has happened earlier, in your past maybe, or something that should happen in your future?

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Write your answers down.

Keep writing as you keep remembering. Ask yourself “what made me think this” and keep on writing.

As you do that, just notice how many times you think about “good” things and how many times you think about “bad” things.

And then answer this:

  • How was your day today?
  • Did you do what you had set out to do?
  • Did you achieve your goal for the day?

Becoming conscious of our thoughts helps us to manage how we feel. This is the most powerful tool that you have to change your life.

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We, humans, base our decisions on our feelings. When you feel good, you make good decisions. When you feel bad, you made not-so-good decisions.

So, the next time doesn’t just give in to your feelings. Find out what thoughts are these feelings a reaction to and just notice how the feelings start to change.

Written by Naheed Khan

Naheed Khan is a Co-founder- Of futurists | Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming | Consultant & Advisor- Organisation Change and Strategic People Development | Transformational Leadership Coach | Futuristic Leader

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