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Unleash Feminine Leadership Qualities: Confidence & Clarity


Reclaim your Feminine Leadership qualities and lead with confidence, purpose & intuition

There is a negative listening to the word “feminine”, a misconception that feminine is weak, unsubstantial, submissive even ‘woo-woo’. That there is no place for the feminine in the c-suite and business for masculine tendencies has been predominant in leadership successfully for decadesIn some cases, women have been modelling masculine traits for so long that now they reject their feminine leadership qualities which they perceive as foreign. DISCONNECTION ALERT LADIES!

believe that the world needs more empowered, thriving and confident women at all levels of decision-making to assist with finding sustainable solutions to some of the most horrendous and preventable issues we face in our global society.

The word ‘Feminine’ is not a synonym of ‘Female’Feminine & Masculine complement each other. Men and women possess both types of qualities.

Some of the true Feminine Qualities are:

Number 1. A powerful ability to FEEL, NAVIGATE and COMMUNICATE EMOTIONS productively 

According to the 2011 Harvard Business Review “researchers have found that women have a better chance of breaking through ‘glass ceilings’ when an organization is facing a crisis—thus finding themselves on what Michelle Ryan and Alex Haslam, of the University of Exeter, have termed the “glass cliff.” 
Out of 10 areas measured, some of the most needed in a serious crisis or favoured to navigate extreme adversity are those having to do with stereotypically female attributes (such as communication skills and the ability to encourage others), rather than stereotypically male ones (such as competitiveness and decisiveness).

Number 2. Various types of CONNECTION

(i.e. to your purpose; in communication; in the sales process; to your employees; children; intimately to your love partner; to yourself!

 Pssst. You can’t build TRUST without the ability to CONNECT.
 In the last nearly 15 years working with corporate and business leaders intentionally I found that one of the most underestimated and overlooked elements of leadership is the ability to ‘own your presence’. I have spent most of my career championing women to develop a powerful connection to themselves. For many women ‘putting their own oxygen mask on first’ and honouring their own needs is a foreign concept.
Your energy introduces your first. The energy we bring to the table is the key determining factor of the quality of results we produce. We influence our external environment based directly on our ‘internal world’
“Fake till you make it” simply does not apply anymore. The embodiment of certainty, integrity and honesty is what society is looking for today, especially after the pandemic crisis. Doing the ‘Inner Work’ and acknowledging what’s holding you back from becoming a wholesomely integrated human being emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually is the most productive way to discover your true potential personally and professionally.

Number 3. INTUITION (aka ‘Inner GPS guiding system’).

Enhancer of creative thinking. The only limitless and sustainable source of high-quality information. This most productive element of the decision-making process when combined with your professional expertise will keep you ahead of the competition, and at the forefront of market changes.

A high percentage of women today feel undervalued, unappreciated, unfulfilled and disconnected from their true nature. Combine your drive, leadership, authority and conviction (Masculine Leadership) with some of the most potent ‘Feminine Leadership qualities’ adequately to your circumstances and you will experience RESULTS beyond anything you could ever imagine in your career/business, in your health and wellbeing and in your relationships.
Femininity is your competitive advantage!

Written by Ela Staniak

As a Feminine Leadership Coach to female C-Suite & Business Leaders, Ela champions unprecedented results for women ready to break through the perception of the ‘glass ceiling’ and gain their rightful place at the boardroom table or claim their space in their entrepreneurial zone of genius with confidence, purpose, and intuition.

Ela spent the last nearly 15 years working with high-caliber female leaders internationally in a broad range of industries from government, technology, finance, banking, mining, and media, to athletes, millionaires, and entrepreneurs specializing in vertical (consciousness) & horizontal (skills and capabilities) behavioral change in female leadership development.

‘Feminine Leaders’ was born out of a passion to empower women to champion their ‘inner game’, and reclaim their moxie and feminine leadership qualities to lead and live THE ULTIMATE LIFE personally and professionally.

Ela landed coverage in hundreds of print and broadcast outlets around the world including her 2020 TED Talk “Diversity & Inclusion are logically impossible”.


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