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Mental Health | Surprising Tips to Improve now

free surprising tips to Improve your mental health right now
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Free Surprising Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Are you feeling stressed, depressed, Anxious, or flooded with thoughts, and don’t know what to do? That’s an everyday struggle with most of the people on this planet. Struggling with mental health can have such a huge impact on your daily life. It makes it hard to achieve the goals of your life as you’re hit by doubts about your own desires and targets.

In this article, I will share 10 tips with you that you can implement instantly and improve your mental health:

free surprising tips to Improve your mental health right now
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
  1. Write Down Everything You Think Is Going Wrong

Take a pen and paper and do a “brain dump” of your feelings.
Write down all of the things that are overwhelming, troubling, or stressing you out.
Keep writing until you can’t think of anything more to write.
The act of physically writing down your thoughts does several things:
It helps you prioritize your concerns, worries, and fears.
Therefore, your brain gets a message that actually some things need not worry about. You no longer have to panic about these things.
It relieves your mind of the burden of these thoughts because now you can see through things more clearly.

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  1. Go Outside

It’s also scientifically proven that Fresh air or being outdoors can significantly change and improve your mood.
Finding somewhere green to go, on a hike, or just taking a short walk on your lunch break at work are a few simple ways to boost up your mood.

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  1. Declutter Your Environment

Whether it’s your desk at work, the car you’re driving, or your bedroom decluttering your environment is a good place to start.
Studies have also shown that clutter raises your stress levels and makes you feel depressed and unhappy.
In my experience, I never realized how litter is affecting me until I cleaned up the area around me.
After clearing unnecessary stuff I always feel much better when I have more space around me..

  1. Stay Away From Negative Media

If you’re feeling anxious or depressed don’t watch or read things that make it worse.
I love watching and reading psychological thrillers, but I also know they’re very heavy and take a toll on my peace and mental comfort. Even though they’re entertaining, I try to avoid them especially when I’m already fearful or sad because they add fuel to my gloominess and make it harder to get out of a bad spot.

Hence, stay away from super sad or potentially upsetting movies, tv, books, or music.
Take a break from social media (unless you’re using it to look up positive quotes).
Don’t turn on the news. You can catch up on things tomorrow. Relax!

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  1. Spend Time With a Pet or Child

Thinking too much about the past or being anxious about the future is also what makes your mental health suffer to a very large extent.

See an example of animals and kids, they are always living in the present moment, how happy and carefree they are, and of course, they worry less. Be more like a child.
Spending time with your pet and kids makes you feel bright, isn’t it?

  1. Call a Family Member or Friend

It’s really easy to isolate yourself when you’re struggling with your mental health.
Try to reach out to a close friend or family member at such a time.
Even if you don’t talk about what you’re going through, social interaction is helpful when you’re feeling downhearted.

  1. Practice Gratitude

Saying thanks to someone, helping someone, expressing gratitude for nature or more positive things around you are just some simple ways that will make you feel happy.

It’s harder to maintain a negative mental state when you’re sharing and feeling positive emotions. Instead, you build strong relationships and improve your mental health.

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  1. Stay Away From Alcohol, Caffeine, or Other Mood-Altering Substances

A healthy sleep comes to your mind when you talk about alcohol and caffeine and their effects on mental health. That in itself is a long topic to cover.

Alcohol is known to increase your stress and stress is known to increase the risk of alcohol.

Better not to go near alcohol during times of depression. Having a cup or two of coffee in the morning or afternoon is normal but over-caffeinating is likely to make things worse.

If you’re anxious, caffeine (a stimulant) will ramp up your anxiety tenfold.

While substance use may provide a temporary escape, you will feel significantly worse mentally coming down from the high (figurative or literal).

  1. Take Care of Your Appearance

When you’re in a bad mental state, often the first thing to go out the window is hygiene.
If you haven’t yet, brush your teeth, take a shower, and brush your hair, go for it now!
Taking it a step further, do something that makes you feel good about your appearance. It could be doing your hair, getting a new haircut, changing hair color /or makeup, or putting on a nice outfit.

Even though your outward appearance isn’t the most important thing about you, cleaning up and dressing up will give you more confidence and help you feel better on the inside.

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  1. Engage in a Comforting Hobby

People who participate in some kind of activities/hobbies are likely to suffer less from low moods, stress, or stagnation.

Many people engage themselves in physical exercise, athletics, creative endeavors like painting, academic hobbies, etc.

These activities are not only amusing but also good for your physical and mental health. You are more likely to stay away from meaningless thoughts and feelings. Anything that makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable without any harmful or negative side effects.

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Disclaimer: The content on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for personalized guidance regarding your health needs.

Written by Tahira Rubab Hafeez

She is an internationally licensed consultant clinical psychologist (DK), provides Online Consultancy Overseas around all psychological issues. She extends her services for the betterment of society through media. For an appointment 0092 311 4482787


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  1. The only way a human can get true peace is to read and act upon Quran. Nothing else can give you eternal peace of mind and heart.

    Above mentioned all 10points can give temporary chill but not for a long time. Otherwise rich people who have everything in life don’t take stress relief medicines. I personally know people who have every thing in life that they wish for and get, but they are on drugs to relieve fthe stress that thay don’t have any desire which is incomplete, and this question put them on negative path that What next should we do?
    So on a certain level human also facing such unbelievable reality of life.
    On the other hand there are lots of people who don’t have one time food to eat but they are happy and satisfied from there present as they do believe on the Quran’s Aya.

    الا بذکراللہ تطمئن القلوب۔ Peace of hearts is in remembrance of Allah.

    So we may can make lots of arguments but at the end we will reach there, where only ALLAH will be in front of us.

    Most important thing is that, every single point mentioned above, has already been told in Quran too, but these tips fascinating us here because we have left Quran on a side. Every thing is mentioned 1400years ago in it.

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