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h adverbs meaning

Adverbs that begin with the English Letter “H” and Their Meaning and usage in Sentences 

“H” Adverbs meaning and usage in a sentence are the essential part of speech that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, providing additional information about how, when, where, or to what extent an action or state is happening. They play a key role in conveying precise details and adding depth to our sentences. Let’s explore adverbs that begin with the English letter “H”, along with their meanings and example sentences, to understand their usage and versatility.

Adverbs that begin with letter “H”

Happily – In a happy or joyful manner.

Sentence: The children played happily in the park, laughing and running around.

Hard – With great effort or intensity.

Sentence: She worked hard to achieve her goals, putting in long hours and dedication.

Harshly – In a harsh or severe manner.

Sentence: The teacher spoke harshly to the students, scolding them for their behavior.

Hastily – In a hasty or rushed manner.

Sentence: He packed his suitcase hastily, trying to catch the train on time.

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Heartily – In a wholehearted or enthusiastic manner.

Sentence: They laughed heartily at the comedian’s jokes, thoroughly enjoying the show.

Heavily – With a great weight or force.

Sentence: The rain fell heavily, drenching everything in its path.

Helpfully – In a helpful or supportive manner.

Sentence: She assisted her friend helpfully, providing guidance and advice.

Helplessly – In a helpless or without help manner.

Sentence: The stranded hiker looked around helplessly, unsure of how to get back on the trail.

Here – In or to this place.

Sentence: Come here and sit next to me.

Highly – To a great degree or extent.

Sentence: The film was highly acclaimed by critics, receiving multiple awards.

Honestly – In an honest or truthful manner.

Sentence: She answered the question honestly, without any hesitation.

Hopelessly – In a hopeless or without hope manner.

Sentence: He stared hopelessly at the broken car, realizing it couldn’t be fixed.

Hungrily – In a hungry or eagerly desiring manner.

Sentence: The children ate hungrily after a long day of playing.

Hurriedly – In a hurried or rushed manner.

Sentence: She walked hurriedly to catch the bus, afraid of being late.

Hysterically – In a hysterical or uncontrollable manner.

Sentence: The audience laughed hysterically at the comedian’s hilarious jokes.

Hypothetically – In a hypothetical or theoretical manner.

Sentence: Hypothetically, if I were to win the lottery, I would travel the world.

Hypocritically – In a hypocritical or insincere manner.

Sentence: She smiled hypocritically, pretending to be happy for her friend’s success.

Hypocritely – In a hypocrite or deceitful manner.

Sentence: He spoke hypocritely, pretending to support the cause while secretly opposing it.

Hypnotically – In a hypnotic or mesmerizing manner.

Sentence: The dancer moved hypnotically, captivating the audience with graceful movements.

Hyperbolically – In a hyperbolic or exaggerated manner.

Sentence: He praised her hyperbolically, calling her the most talented person he had ever met.

Hyperactively – In a hyperactive or excessively energetic manner.

Sentence: The child played hyperactively, bouncing from one activity to another.

Huskily – In a husky or hoarse manner.

Sentence: She spoke huskily, her voice strained from a cold.

Hushedly – In a hushed or quiet manner.

Sentence: The library patrons whispered hushedly, respecting the silence.

Hurtfully – In a hurtful or offensive manner.

Sentence: He spoke hurtfully, saying mean things to his friend.

Humorously – In a humorous or funny manner.

Sentence: The comedian performed humorously, making the audience burst into laughter.

Humiliatingly – In a humiliating or degrading manner.

Sentence: He lost the race humiliatingly, finishing last by a large margin.

Humbly – In a humble or modest manner.

Sentence: She accepted the award humbly, giving credit to her team.

Humanly – In a human or compassionate manner.

Sentence: The nurse treated the patient humanly, providing comfort and care.

Humanely – In a humane or kind manner.

Sentence: The shelter took in stray animals and treated them humanely.

Hugely – To a great extent or in a large amount.

Sentence: The concert was hugely popular, with thousands of people in attendance.

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Huffingly – In a huffy or irritated manner.

Sentence: She walked away huffingly after the argument, not wanting to continue the conversation.

Howso – In what way or manner.

Sentence: “Howso?” he asked, seeking clarification on her statement.

However – Nevertheless or in spite of that.

Sentence: She wanted to go out; however, the weather was not cooperating.

Hoveringly – In a hovering or suspended manner.

Sentence: The helicopter flew hoveringly above the city, surveying the landscape.

Hourly – Every hour or on an hourly basis.

Sentence: The employees were paid hourly for their work.

Hotly – In a hot or heated manner.

Sentence: The debate continued hotly, with each side passionately arguing their points.

h adverbs meaning

Hostilely – In a hostile or unfriendly manner.

Sentence: He glared at her hostilely, clearly harboring ill feelings.

Hospitably – In a hospitable or welcoming manner.

Sentence: The host greeted the guests hospitably, offering them drinks and appetizers.

Horrifyingly – In a horrifying or terrifying manner.

Sentence: The horror movie depicted horrifyingly realistic scenes of violence and gore.

Horrifically – In a horrific or extremely unpleasant manner.

Sentence: The accident was horrifically tragic, leaving many injured and traumatized.

Horridly – In a horrid or dreadful manner.

Sentence: She screamed horridly when she saw the spider crawling towards her.

Horribly – In a horrible or extremely bad manner.

Sentence: The food was horribly cooked, leaving a terrible taste in her mouth.

Horizontally – In a horizontal or level manner.

Sentence: The picture was hung horizontally on the wall.

Hopingly – In a hopeful or optimistic manner.

Sentence: She looked at him hopefully, waiting for his response.

Hopefully – In a hopeful or with hope manner.

Sentence: They studied hard, hopefully expecting good grades on their exams.

Honorably – In an honorable or respectable manner.

Sentence: He acted honorably by admitting his mistake and apologizing.

Honest – In an honest or sincere manner.

Sentence: She answered the question honestly, without any deceit.

Homewards – Towards home or in the direction of home.

Sentence: After a long day at work, she headed homewards to relax.

Homeward – Towards home or going home.

Sentence: The tired traveler set off on the homeward journey.

Homeopathically – In a homeopathic or alternative medicine manner.

Sentence: She treated her cold homeopathically, using natural remedies.

Homely – In a homely or plain manner.

Sentence: The cabin was decorated homely, with cozy furniture and rustic decor.

Homelily – In a homely or domestic manner.

Sentence: She cooked homelily, preparing a comforting meal for her family.

Home – At or to one’s place of residence.

Sentence: He sat at home, enjoying a quiet evening.

Holily – In a holy or sacred manner.

Sentence: The priest spoke holily, delivering a sermon to the congregation.

Hoggishly – In a hoggish or gluttonous manner.

Sentence: He ate hoggishly, devouring the entire cake by himself.

Hobbingly – In a hobbing or limping manner.

Sentence: The injured dog walked hobbingly, favoring its injured leg.

Hoarsely – In a hoarse or rough voice or manner.

Sentence: She spoke hoarsely after cheering loudly at the concert.

Hitherto – Until now or up to this point.

Sentence: Hitherto, he had never experienced such success in his career.

Historically – In a historical or in relation to history manner.

Sentence: Historically, this city has been a center of trade and commerce.

Hissingly – In a hissing or sibilant manner.

Sentence: The snake moved hissingly, warning of its presence.

Hintingly – In a hinting or suggestive manner.

Sentence: She smiled hintingly, dropping subtle clues about her surprise.

Hilariously – In a hilarious or extremely funny manner.

Sentence: The comedian’s jokes had the audience laughing hilariously.

Higher – To a greater extent or at a greater level.

Sentence: The company aimed to achieve higher profits this year.

High – At or to a great height or level.

Sentence: The kite flew high in the sky, dancing with the wind.

Hieroglyphically – In a hieroglyphic or symbolic manner.

Sentence: The ancient script was written hieroglyphically on the walls of the tomb.

Hideously – In a hideous or extremely ugly manner.

Sentence: The monster was portrayed hideously in the horror movie.

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Hiddenly – In a hidden or concealed manner.

Sentence: The treasure was hiddenly buried beneath the old oak tree.

Hesitatingly – In a hesitating or uncertain manner.

Sentence: She approached hesitatingly, unsure of how to start the conversation.

Hermetically – In a hermetic or airtight manner.

Sentence: The jar was sealed hermetically to preserve the freshness of the food.

Hereon – From this point forward or concerning this matter.

Sentence: Hereon, we will implement new policies to improve efficiency.

Hereinto – Into this or into this matter.

Sentence: Please sign your name hereinto to acknowledge your agreement.

Hereinafter – In the following part or from this point on.

Sentence: Hereinafter, the document will be referred to as the “Agreement.”

Herein – In this document or in this matter.

Sentence: The terms and conditions herein are legally binding.

Hereby – By means of this or as a result of this.

Sentence: He hereby declares his intention to run for public office.

Hereabout – In this area or around this place.

Sentence: There are many restaurants and shops hereabout.

Henceforth – From this time forward or starting now.

Sentence: Henceforth, the new policy will be enforced without exceptions.

Hence – From this place or for this reason.

Sentence: He left the party and hence missed the surprise announcement.

Hellward – Towards hell or in the direction of hell.

Sentence: The demons dragged him hellward, punishing him for his sins.

Hellishly – In a hellish or extremely unpleasant manner.

Sentence: The weather was hot and humid, making it feel hellishly uncomfortable.

Heinously – In a heinous or outrageously evil manner.

Sentence: The crime was committed heinously, shocking the entire community.

Heftily – In a hefty or large and weighty manner.

Sentence: He carried the heavy boxes heftily, using all his strength.

Heedlessly – In a heedless or careless manner.

Sentence: He drove heedlessly, ignoring the traffic rules.

Heedfully: In a careful and attentive manner.

Sentence: She heedfully read the instructions before assembling the furniture.

Hedonistically: In a pleasure-seeking and self-indulgent manner.

Sentence: The wealthy heiress lived hedonistically, always seeking extravagant experiences.

Hectically: In a frenzied and chaotic manner.

Sentence: The office was hectically busy as everyone rushed to meet the deadline.

Heavy: With great weight or intensity.

Sentence: The atmosphere in the room was heavy with anticipation.

Heavenly: In a divinely beautiful or delightful manner.

Sentence: The singer’s voice was heavenly, captivating the audience.

Heatedly: With intense passion, anger, or excitement.

Sentence: The politicians debated heatedly over the controversial issue.

Heartlessly: In a cold and unfeeling manner.

Sentence: The criminal heartlessly disregarded the suffering he caused.

Heartedly: With sincerity, enthusiasm, or wholeheartedness.

Sentence: She heartedly supported her friend’s decision to pursue her dreams.

Hearlingly: In a manner characterized by listening attentively.

Sentence: The counselor listened hearlingly to her client’s concerns.

Healthily: In a manner that promotes good health.

Sentence: They decided to eat healthily and exercise regularly to improve their well-being.

Headlong: In a hasty and impulsive manner.

Sentence: Without thinking, he ran headlong into the unknown.

Headily: In a way that intoxicates or overwhelms the senses.

Sentence: The scent of fresh flowers headily filled the room.

Hazily: In a blurred or unclear manner.

Sentence: The memories of that day were hazily recollected.

Hauntingly: In a way that evokes strong emotions or memories.

Sentence: The hauntingly beautiful melody brought tears to her eyes.

Hauntedly: In a manner characterized by being preoccupied or tormented by something.

Sentence: He walked through the abandoned house hauntedly, feeling a chill down his spine.

Haughtily: In a proud and arrogant manner.

Sentence: The wealthy businessman spoke haughtily, looking down on others.

Hatefully: In a manner filled with hate or strong dislike.

Sentence: The neighbors glared at each other hatefully, unable to resolve their differences.

Harmoniously: In a way that is peaceful and in agreement.

Sentence: The members of the choir sang harmoniously, creating a beautiful blend of voices.

Harmonially: In a manner related to harmony or harmonics.

Sentence: The pianist skillfully played the chords harmonially, producing a rich and resonant sound.

Harmlessly: In a manner that does not cause harm or danger.

Sentence: The child played harmlessly with the soft toy.

Hardly: Barely or scarcely; in a way that indicates the opposite of what is expected.

Sentence: He hardly spoke during the meeting, appearing lost in thought.

Harder: In a more difficult or intense manner.

Sentence: The athlete trained harder than ever to prepare for the upcoming competition.

Haplessly: In an unlucky or unfortunate manner.

Sentence: The haplessly stranded hiker lost his way in the dense forest.

Haphazardly: In a random or careless manner.

Sentence: The books were haphazardly arranged on the shelves, making it difficult to find anything.

Handsomely: In a generous or impressive manner.

Sentence: The company rewarded its employees handsomely for their hard work.

Handily: In an easy or convenient manner.

Sentence: The new smartphone allowed her to access information handily with just a few taps.

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Haltingly: In a hesitant or interrupted manner.

Sentence: She spoke haltingly, struggling to find the right words.

Halfway: At the midpoint or halfway point between two places or conditions.

Sentence: We stopped for a break halfway through our journey.

Half: Partially; to some extent.

Sentence: She was half convinced by his argument.

Haggishly: In an untidy or disheveled manner.

Sentence: After a long day at work, she looked haggishly in the mirror.

Haggardly: In a tired or exhausted manner, often with a worn or gaunt appearance.

Sentence: The haggardly woman sat alone, her eyes filled with sadness.

Habitually: In a customary or regular manner.

Sentence: He habitually woke up early and went for a run every morning.


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