The Power that made the body heals the body

heals the body

As I pondered on the above quote by Joe Dispenza, I came to a full understanding of the meaning of what he wanted to impart. In my profession as an ophthalmologist and physician, I have come across individuals who have somehow lost their belief in the Almighty, patients with wavering faith who have lost trust in being able to recover fully from their afflictions. You have to realize that once you succumb to these negative thoughts, you will definitely slide into a downward spiral which will be difficult to recover from. The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body

We are all aware that there is a Higher Intelligence, a Supreme Being, who gives us life, keeps our hearts beating, keeps our blood flowing, and keeps our whole bodily systems in complete tandem.

Once you feel any discrepancy in your physiological makeup, you should examine yourself and keep your contact with the Almighty for He alone can give the solutions to all our problems, no matter how huge or minuscule these might be. Remember that Allah will not give us any disease without any cure.

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Every organ in the human body has the ability to heal itself, given the right environment. In other words, all of these organs can repair themselves given the right conditions…water, oxygen, air, natural supplements, herbal products, and more. When it comes to our inner environment, we are the architects of our own healing.

The power of our mind, the power of our thoughts, are so profound and intense that if we take time to reconstruct the parts of our body that need healing, like our fractured bones clicking into place, our kidneys repairing themselves, or our vertebrae getting back into complete alignment…if we picture these happening over and over again, we will notice not only our motor and sensory functions coming back dramatically but improvement and changes in our bodily functions as well. Amazing isn’t it?

Do you know what the ultimate cause of the disease is? STRESS. 90% of patients go to the doctor due to stress-related illnesses.

There are three types of stress that can be identified:

1.     Physical stress like accidents, injuries, traumas, burns, falls, etc.

2.     Chemical stress like hormones, heavy metals, hangovers, bacteria, viruses, etc.

3.     Emotional stress like family tragedies, loss of jobs, financial problems, etc.

Western medicine has a place in traumas and acute illnesses. Chronic illnesses, on the other hand, take time to develop so a quick fix will not work. We have to delve into the root cause if we want to see any change. The mind and body should connect in order to trigger biological and physiological changes. Needless to say, we should also take good care of our diet. We should eat unprocessed foods and plant-based foods which are nutrient-rich.

Once we have this unwavering belief, the biology of our body changes. Let us take for example the placebo effect. Our autonomic nervous system will develop its own pharmacy of chemicals that match the exact same chemical of the pill which the patients thought they were taking. Incredible, right? So the question arises, was it the chemical that healed the body or the body’s innate capacity to heal?

Once a diagnosis is made regarding your affliction, you can believe the diagnosis most of the time but that should not stop you from seeking a second or third opinion as well.

However, with regard to the prognosis, I must warn you not to accept it at face value for statistics are impersonal. If there is a 1% chance of recovering from the disease, through stem cell therapy, homeopathy, and naturopathy for example, why couldn’t it be you? It is important for you to understand that once a diagnosis is made, you should not fall prey to the prognosis. You should consider other options and realize that you can do something different and make new choices. You should go beyond certain emotions and overcome your limited thinking.

If you can understand and be able to have faith, build trust, and have confidence in the Almighty once again, and be able to accept alternative therapy and medicine, more possibilities open up which will be the result of your own personal changes. That’s when you will experience all sorts of magical things happening in your lives.

The power of belief is almost everything.

What you are believing and thinking is telling your immune system to work or not to work around a stressor. You just have to surrender everything to the Almighty and relax and let whatever needs to be cleaned up and repaired ultimately be cleaned up and repaired. Belief, trust, and faith are everything.

Perfect Peace Be to All of You.

Written by H.E. Dr. Edna Joyce (Fatima) Santos, MD,DPBO,SBO

Secretary-General, Royal Movement International Group, Vice President for West Asia at World Economic Forum For Asia-Africa, Team Partner Ecocity Pan Pacific Finance of Singapore, Head, Oph. Dept. UMDC

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