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How to Live Life

how to change your life
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How to Live a Peaceful Life

Nowadays, such clever young people, enter the daily operations of this world. The current curriculum in universities is so advanced, that I could only dream about this level in my college days. Education has moved along at a smart pace these past decades and today the science of teaching is just phenomenal. Younger people have analytical skills, work smart, have a way of communicating, own a vision, plan their life goals, and are articulate, driven and successful agents. How to Live Life
Are we then reaching an era of mankind, when we produce the best of the best, see skills maximization and benefit all mankind? I would say ‘Yes’ in general commercial terms, considering the high amount of wealth which is owned by the young. But does this bode well for humanity as a whole? Sadly the answer would be an emphatic ‘No’.
During my career in the last decade, I have met many school leavers. They show all the competencies, which will make them great deliverers of material success. But, unfortunately, very few are well-rounded humans, which one would desire in future leaders. These young aspiring managers, entrepreneurs, sports people, artists and lawyers all miss basic soft traits of humanity. Education is delivering efficiency and drive, but not people who will be like Martin Luther King, Mandela or Jinnah. Leaders who care and have a larger purpose in life, which goes beyond materialism.
No wonder we have this huge drive in the world, to deliver growth and profits. Everything is measured in commercial terms. Does not matter, what we have destroyed along the way or the necks we have stepped on. Just look around. Stock markets reign and humans are servants to their whims. Presently, with negativity prevailing in China, declining commodities and stress on large banks, everyone is jittery and ready to sell off. Our lives revolve around this phenomenon.
how to live life
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Just watch television and that is what you hear. CNN! BBC! Fox! Sky! All of them. Is this what we humans have come to be? There are other issues like the environment being destroyed; mankind stands at the edge of a precipice. There are over a billion people who suffer from malnutrition. Wealth belongs to less than 1% and 99% of other humans suffer. There is death, pillage, and family trauma. So many divorces, so many one-parent families. But unfortunately, economics is just more important and reigns supreme. Success and power are measured in economic impact. The reality is, that we cannot carry our wealth, position or fame to our graves.
Why would this be? How is it that such efficient human machinery is being delivered, yet cannot work for humanity? My analysis is that basic, simple human stuff is not being taught at any level. Inside our homes, the TV and Internet reign supreme. In the institutions, teaching hard-nosed success takes over and playgrounds, (great teaching places) are deserted the world over. We are never taught the things which matter…how time will fly by, we will become old; our positions are temporary, so how to treat present success; how to treat those less fortunate, not to think ourselves superior to others; as we grow old we shall change, how to handle this with grace; how to fail and learn from it; how to smile through the good and bad, to be patient and thankful. All this amounts to simply the art of ‘how to live life.’
When we are not taught all this, in-home, in institutions and outside, then we are producing soulless machinery, which thinks efficiency will lead to success. What an absolute failure of the system. Thus, we are, what we are today.
Parents, urgently need to start this ‘tarbiyat’ at home and then demand it from schools. We should shut the TV, computer and cell phone down for several hours every day so that the old connection and real conversation return. Also, we have to inculcate skills and feelings which need not just deliver commerce. If we shun some of our present-day habits and relearn our millennia-old values, then very soon, we will reverse our descent into this hell and turn the tide. We will become humans once more, one humanity and one society.
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Written by Sarfaraz Ahmed Rehman

Sarfaraz, a chartered accountant by qualification, has contributed management expertise to several multinational companies. He is deeply interested in playing his part in giving back to society and has worked on an online interactive education model for mass education over the next decade.


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  1. Amazing article and an eye opener for young aspirants who are eying on material success at this point in time in life. A good read

  2. Ahhhh…….very true and bitter reality of today’s world… me it is primarily because we all talk about success in our families, workplace & social circle without defining what is success? so for the young generation success means materialistic achievements……and ironically no one who is considered successful turns up to teach the youth that what they are observing from outside is not the real success…..

    Anyways, very good topic to ponder thoughts & have meaningful discussion for life….

  3. Nice reminder for the forgotten healthy ethics our ansesters pracrises inorder to remain healthy humanbeings with fresh souls. The present society have not turned to unhealthy in a day or in a couple of years this is a slow process which influenced the whole society. To come short, due to insufficiency of Riaq Halal and qina’at we are facing this terbulant era

  4. In plani sight we live a life of riches.what we seldom see is the wealth we can create from.within that has the ability to ripple out a more conscious way to live.

    It is in the unlearning first that we can begin to learn the true value of life. Our actions outway our words and it is only in alignment that we create impact.

    A great article. Well done..

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