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Island Weizhou | What Do You Really Know about it

island weizhou

Amazing Island Weizhou (Wai Chow)

Weizhou is China’s most significant and youngest volcanic island. On the West of Weizhou, there is Leizhou Peninsula-Beihai. It is a portion of Weizhou Town, Haicheng District and lies 39 km south of Beihai city in the Gulf of Tonkin. Explore more about the world s amazing island Weizhou

island weizhou

Weizhou Island has a national park you can admit after paying the ticket fee with a validity of a whole day to stay on the island. You need to get a ticket at the time of entrance at the XiJiao MATou harbour. Keep the receipt safe because this will be required to show in various spots of the island merely to confirm your identity.

Weizhou Island is famous for its distinctive geological landscape. If you visit the seaside and beaches of Weizhou, there are amusing corals and various aquatic animals for you. With its subtropical monsoon climate, you will experience moderate summers and mild winters with a  temperature of around 22% and a rainfall of approximately 1380mm.

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What does Weizhou island offer?

The island offers various scenic spots, a Gothic-style catholic cathedral, good and low-priced seafood and wide beautiful beaches. It is ideal for relaxing and having a peaceful rest. At Weizhou, people mostly speak Mandarin Chinese.

island weizhou

Weizhou has a charming crocodile hill in the Volcanic Park. You can go there on walking or by shuttle bus.

You will discover a long sandy beach known as Shiluokou situated on the western coast of Weizhou. It has crystal clear water, attractive deck chairs, cold beverages, and a seafood BBQ.

This volcanic stone beach is situated on the east coast of Weizhou Island and has an incredible view of the rainbow-coloured surface of the wave due to sunshine.

island weizhou

In 1853, the Catholic Church was built on coral sedimentary rocks from the sea bottom by French missionaries in the centre of Sheng tang Village. There is a small Gothic-style Catholic Saint Maria Church in Chengzai village.

There is a Sanpo Temple in Weizhou’s South Bay, reconstructed after the landslide.

island weizhou

Weizhou’s environment

A prominent place to visit in Weizhou is Xiyang Island. You will be surprised to see the birds, peaceful atmosphere, boat and home. Weizhou Island has lots of fleshy green leaves of banana trees and has lots of seafood and roads. You will see banana trees surrounding the island. Here, you can eat a banana, and the first bite will discover its unique taste, freshness and sweetness.

island weizhou

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