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Magical tips for holistic health and wellness; explore now

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Let’s go for holistic health!


Holistic health means the overall health of the whole person because there is a deep-rooted connection between our Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual well-being. Let us delve into this a little further.

MENTAL HEALTH: Our brain is a powerful organ that controls our bodily functions. Essentials for mental health are sleep, diet, socializing, laughing and doing something for others.

7 hours of sleep: is important to repair and rejuvenate the body. Let us give it a priority. It will make our brain function well, retain information and we will have a good memory.

Diet: our body needs well-balanced meals with eggs, milk, meat, legumes, vegetables, fruits and carbs.  Fast food or meals ordered from out are a  convenience we are all victims of, but let us try to gradually replace it with simple home-cooked meals and see for ourselves the health benefits.

Interacting with others: talking and interacting with others stimulates our brain making it work better. We also can think better when we interact with others.

Laughter: It relaxes our minds, and we feel good. Let’s make an effort to do this: the benefits are tremendous.

Do something for others: Helping a friend or family member takes away the constant attention to our own self and we also feel good.  At a wider level, we can also consider community service and ‘serve’ others from a platform.

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PHYSICAL HEALTH: It is not just the absence of disease but also the overall well-being of the body. It calls for muscular fitness, ease in moving the body or flexibility and control of the body when in motion and, when stationary.

Muscular fitness: comes with regular exercise of our choice and one that fits our lifestyle.  It can even be a simple walk, yoga, zumba, or aerobics. The choice is ours but doing it daily makes it impactful. 

Flexibility: It is moving our muscles and joints without feeling any pain, while bending, crossing our arms and legs, stretching etc. This again requires regular movement and exercise.

Stability and balance: stability is controlling our body when in movement, while the balance is control over our body when not in motion, e.g. when standing we ought not to feel wobbly.

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EMOTIONAL HEALTH: This involves control over our thoughts, feelings and behaviour when meeting life’s challenges. The ability to express our feelings in an appropriate manner, so that we don’t feel ‘bottled up’ but at the same time make our point across to the other person. Respect is an important factor here so that the communication is meaningful.

Socializing:  Let us find out about other people’s interests, if we can cultivate the same, we can be friends. Let us be helpful to our neighbours and colleagues and we will automatically have friends too. 

Be jolly: see the lighter side of life:  everyone LOVES to laugh and will welcome our friendship.  Let us listen to people with sincerity and when we disagree with what they are saying remain tolerant. Everyone has a right to think and feel in his own way. “Jangli’ people get into a fight. Learn to respect differences and continue to be friends focusing on matters you agree on.

Find your purpose and meaning:  This is our reason for getting up each morning:  it could be to earn a living, to learn new things and grow, to meet people we like, or to do things that we enjoy. Also, our purpose will change in response to our changing priorities and experiences.  That is normal and nothing to feel negative about.

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SPIRITUAL WELLNESS: gives us a deeper meaning to life: Prayers connect us with our Maker. Do them daily no matter how short. It should not be just a routine but done with good intent and focus.  This is more important than the amount of time you spend praying.

Spend a little time by ourselves: to find out our ownself better and what our purpose in life is. Doing this will give us the inner strength to handle difficult situations too. 

Let us serve our community:  Sharing our time, wealth, and experience with others gives us the kind of satisfaction we will only know WHEN we do it. Go for it.

Spend time with nature:  Walk in a park, observe trees and flowers, and listen to birds.  Look up at the sky: see its colours, clouds and vastness of the cosmos. 

When we achieve spiritual health, we find peace within ourselves and hope and comfort even in the hardest of times.

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Holistic health is looking at wellness from all the important aspects of our lives. Let us think about each one and give it its due importance and our attention.

Written by Sunnu Golwalla

She is a retired HR Professional with an interest in corporate management and is an avid reader of LinkedIn posts. At a personal level, she enjoys interacting with a cross-section of people and is willing to share her knowledge and experience, when she thinks her input will be meaningful to others.


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