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SIUT Hosts Intl Paediatric Urological Congress

paediatric urological apapu congress at SIUT
Pioneering Excellence: Dr. Adib Rizvi, Director of SIUT, Leading Healthcare Innovations

To explore advancements in paediatric urology

a gathering of renowned experts convenes at SIUT

The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) hosts the 23rd edition of the Asia Pacific Association of Paediatric Urologists (APAPU) , welcoming over three hundred esteemed delegates from 19 countries. Commencing on Wednesday, November 29th, this congress marks a pivotal moment in surgical sciences, concentrating on critical paediatric urological disorders. This gathering aims to address pressing issues, uniting global experts in an exploration of innovative solutions and advancements in this specialized field.

“This congress signifies a monumental collaboration of global expertise, propelling the discourse on paediatric urology to unprecedented heights”

remarked Prof. Adib Rizvi, emphasizing the significance of this gathering.

SIUT, a renowned pioneer in paediatric urological healthcare, takes center stage for this significant event. Diverse specialists, including professors, surgeons, and medical professionals focused on paediatric urological care, gather here to share insights, experiences, and expertise. This congress serves as a collaborative hub, dedicated to refining practices, exploring breakthroughs, and fostering global partnerships for the advancement of paediatric urological care. It stands as an invaluable platform, thus uniting minds to address and conquer challenges in paediatric urological disorders, steering healthcare towards remarkable advancements.

apapu congress at siut paediatric urology
Unveiling Innovations in Pediatric Urology: Where Expertise Meets Progress

The congress’s significance stems from its comprehensive focus on paediatric urological advancements. Throughout this event, participants immerse themselves in sessions encompassing live surgical demonstrations and in-depth scientific presentations. These sessions meticulously showcase a spectrum of innovative procedures and cutting-edge developments in surgical techniques tailored specifically for paediatric cases, thereby elevating the standards of paediatric urological care.

The Congress unfolds in two distinct phases. Firstly, spanning two days, live surgical demonstrations will take place in three separate operating theaters. Moreover, these displays spotlight diverse innovative surgical procedures, illuminating the substantial strides within paediatric urology. These breakthroughs herald a transformative era at SIUT, signifying a critical juncture in advancing the management of paediatric urological disorders. Subsequently, across the ensuing two days, a moot will convene, complemented by an array of scientific presentations and dynamic debates. This segment pledges to cultivate insightful dialogues and facilitate the exchange of pioneering concepts in addressing paediatric urological disorders.

SIUT, hence, also leads in establishing a specialized department solely focused on paediatric urological care and launching nationwide training programs for surgeons specializing in paediatric urology. Moreover, nearly two decades ago, Prof. Adib Rizvi, the Institute’s founder and Director, spearheaded the establishment of SIUT’s Paediatric Urology Department with visionary determination. Additionally, SIUT’s steadfast dedication to providing free, unbiased healthcare services is evident in the weekly admission of approximately 500 patients with paediatric urological disorders. This dedication stands as a cornerstone of their philosophy, ensuring accessible care for all.

The scientific congress will host 16 dedicated sessions, thereby thoroughly exploring critical aspects of paediatric urology Within these sessions, topics like kidney tumors in children, advancements in laparoscopic and robotic surgery, and issues concerning nerve-related bladder conditions will take center stage. Of significant note, Professor Alaa El Ghoneimi from Paris will deliver the revered annual Journal of Paediatric Urology Lecture. Additionally, Professor El Ghoneimi’s recognition with the esteemed David Frank medal, presented by Prof. Philip Ransley, Chairman of the Journal, elevates the event’s significance, highlighting advancements in addressing paediatric urological disorders.

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  1. I congratulate the APAPU members, friends and colleagues who are participating the 23rd annual APAPU meeting and the SIUT which is indeed a symbol of serving humanity and helping the community through worldclass medical services free of cost.

    My heartfelt congratulations to all APAPU members, dear friends, and colleagues taking part in the 23rd annual APAPU meeting and the SIUT live surgery workshops on paediatric urology. This event stands as a testament to their commitment to serving humanity, providing top-notch medical services to the community without spending a single penny.

    Once again, I commend honourable Prof. Dr. Adib Rizvi and his entire team for his dedication serving humanity.

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