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1st Part of SIUT Paediatric Urology Congress ends

dr adib rizvi with guests
Dr. Adib Rizvi engrossed in the workshop, making strides in the auditorium

Paediatric Urology Workshop

Experts addressed urinary abnormalities and structural issues

The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) is currently hosting the Paediatric Urology Congress, a significant event spanning from November 29th to December 2nd.

This congress brings together esteemed experts specializing in paediatric urological reconstructive surgeries, pivotal in addressing various urinary tract issues and structural abnormalities encountered by newborns. These challenges, such as urination difficulties, infections, and potential kidney complications, emphasize the critical need for paediatric urology procedures. Unfortunately, within the country, there is a scarcity of facilities and expertise for these intricate surgeries, underlining the urgency and significance of this event.

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The Paediatric Urology department at SIUT stands as a unique and dedicated unit within Pakistan’s public sector, singularly committed to delivering essential reconstructive surgeries for urinary abnormalities in children. As part of the congress, an impressive panel of international surgeons gathered at SIUT for a pre-congress workshop, coinciding with the scientific meeting of the Asian Pacific Association of Pediatric Urology (APAPU). Demonstrating advanced surgical techniques, these experts highlighted the importance of paediatric urology through live surgical procedures, observed by a keen audience of 200 in a single auditorium.

In this educational forum, experts from Milan, including Dr. Gianantonio Manzoni and Dr. Alfredo Berrettini, showcased innovative techniques for reconstructing conditions like hypospadias, prevalent in children. Further demonstrating the sophistication of paediatric urology, Professor Marc Leclair from France performed an extensive reconstructive surgery lasting over 9 hours, addressing a congenital organ abnormality. Additionally, advancements in laparoscopic procedures, exhibited by Professor El Ghoneimi from Paris, emphasized the evolving landscape of surgical interventions in paediatric urology.

Highlighting the broad spectrum of paediatric urology concerns in Pakistan, Professor Aasem Chaudry from the United Kingdom utilized cutting-edge miniaturized instruments to address kidney stones endoscopically, underscoring the necessity for paediatric urology advancements. The workshop, a pivotal part of paediatric urology education, will continue for an additional day before engaging in scientific debates at the 23rd annual meeting of APAPU, further emphasizing the need for continual paediatric urology development.

paediatric urology workshop; a group picture
Paediatric urologists gathered at SIUT for an enriching workshop on pediatric urology.

During the initial two days of the congress, prominent expert Professor Philip Ransley SIUT paediatric urology, moderated the entire proceeding while others including Dr. Marc-David Leclair (France), Dr. Gianantonio Manzoni (Italy), Dr. Alaa El Ghoneimi (France), Dr. Aasem Masood Chaudry (UK), Dr. Mazen Zeino (Switzerland),Dr. Chung-Kwong Yeung (Hong Kong), Dr. Sajid Sultan, Dr. Sadaf Aba Umer, and Dr. Bashir Ahmed, all from Pakistan, actively participated in live surgical procedures, offering comprehensive discussions and presentations to highlight and disseminate paediatric urology advancements tailored for attending surgeons.

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