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Poor handwriting can be improved by the ARZPAK YouTube

poor handwriting

ARZPAK launched a course on Youtube English calligraphy to help those who want to improve their poor handwriting.

Generally, poor handwriting becomes a major problem in writing something down on paper. In this course, the fundamentals of handwriting will be covered, and will develop clear, legible, and consistent handwriting in both cursive and print.

We all want the best futures and careers, and we do everything in doing so. Many parents attempt to teach their children during their early education to have good handwriting, but when they are young the majority of them experience disappointing results. Poor handwriting is something that can be improved with little effort.

Here, we’ll look at a few quick and easy steps that you can take to effectively improve your handwriting. By enhancing the beauty of each letter you write and perfecting your handwriting, we boost your confidence. It includes all writing principles, as well as writing preparation, pen handling, paper handling, and pad handling. Understanding the fundamentals and avoiding mistakes are the main focus of this course. There is no mandated homework or rigorous training.

Poor handwriting—no more!


Learning the proper way to hold a pen or a pencil is the first step to having good handwriting. Let your thumb rest on the base of the pen or pencil to hold it properly. With the help of your middle and index fingers, balance it. You’ll start noticing small improvements in your handwriting after doing this. Therefore, if your handwriting is less than perfect, start with this.


Handling the paper correctly while you write is just as crucial to having legible handwriting as how you hold your pen or pencil. You should never write on wavy or cross paper; instead, it should always be straight and stable. But how should one approach it?

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People typically make a mistake when they let them write and finish their homework without the aid of a pad. This is a crucial step for you if you have poor handwriting and want to improve it in a short period of time. If you really want your handwriting to improve, then always write with the support of a good writing pad with clips attached. Even if you use a notebook, it is simple to clip. Your handwriting will advance more quickly as a result of this.


Now, the choice of pencil is crucial for younger people. The pencil should have a dark lead to start. Additionally, the pencil’s tip needs to be properly sharpened. Numerous students who were observed continued to write with small pencils. It’s a bad idea to do that. One should stop writing with the current pencil once it reaches a length of roughly 60% of the new pencil and start writing again with a brand-newly sharpened pencil. Continuing to write with smaller pencils can result in sloppy handwriting.

If anyone is wondering what to do with those partially used pencils, read on. Remain calm! They can be used for other things like drawing and shading, so you don’t have to throw them away (except for handwriting).


If you frequently notice imprints on previous pages in your homework book after you have finished writing, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: the pressure being applied to the pen or pencil is too great.

In these situations, you must learn to relax your grip while writing without adding any extra or unwanted pressure. Less pressure would make it easier for you to form letters, which would help them develop their handwriting skills.

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First, it’s crucial to sit properly in order to write it correctly. Before writing, sitting correctly and maintaining good posture make a significant difference and have a significant impact on the outcomes. One must sit upright and comfortably before beginning handwriting. You can actually move closer to the correct posture needed for legible handwriting by gently curling all non-writing fingers under the hand and placing your hands lightly on the table.

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Cursive writing is a really fun and interesting writing style for everyone, even kids, but some kids find it challenging to write and practice cursive.

However, motivation and training are the only cures. Encourage your children to only write in cursive; this will help them develop good handwriting speed and consistency. One of the key benefits of cursive handwriting is that it appears much more professional than other types of handwriting. Additionally, students who write in cursive tend to finish their exams on time, which is another significant benefit. Therefore, learning cursive is highly advised for both parents and students.

Make sure that your kids follow all of the above simple yet effective steps the next time they sit down to finish their homework. Their handwriting will undoubtedly change and get better as a result. Have fun writing!

We assure you that after completing these handwriting exercises, not only will you be able to write professionally and receive compliments, but you’ll also be able to find jobs that want to use your legible handwriting!

Did you know that having consistent handwriting in cursive helps your business success as well as your confidence? The ability to write clearly and legibly is a highly sought-after talent for large corporations that want to provide clients with a personalized touch in today’s technology-focused world.

By starting with the fundamentals and having you discover your own handwriting by the end of this course, we’ll demonstrate how simple it is to improve your writing.


Add your personal homemade touch to cards, notes, and letters for family and companies. Boost your confidence and self-respect since you will be proud of legible handwriting. Get a full-time job and have side jobs that utilize your easy-to-read handwriting.

Your new writing abilities will enable you to make Cards, notes, and letters for families and businesses that can be personalized. Your pride in having readable handwriting will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Get a full-time job and pursue side hustles that make use of your readable handwriting. To make extra money, practice writing in both print and cursive.

In order to maintain consistent handwriting and prevent hand fatigue, demonstrate the proper way to hold your pen or pencil. Show how to position your paper for both left- and right-handed readers. Find a print and cursive writing style that you are proud of and that you absolutely love.

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