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Reading really unlocks benefits for growth and development

reading really unlocks benefits


Reading is a powerful tool for learning and growth, particularly when it comes to learning a foreign language like English. Teachers should encourage students to read more. Reading offers numerous benefits, including increased knowledge, motivation, life experience, and undoubtedly opportunities for entertainment and escapism. It can also help students plan for their future careers, keep them up to date and stand out from the crowd. Moreover, it develops empathy and emotional intelligence and enhances their language skills.

Overall, it is a crucial tool we can’t do without for personal and professional growth that all English learners should embrace. Reading is totally inevitable to unlock benefits for intellectual, professional, and social evolution and development. Reading really unlocks benefits for growth and development

Reading Magic

A lot of English learners do it to pass their examinations with high marks. Others learn it for a better career opportunity, and some for fun. Most of them have a genuine and equal opportunity to read. However, those who are learning English for fun are the best winner. Do you know why?

The answer lies in reading. Reading is magic in all the meanings of the word. All its kinds are thought to be a rewarding means to learn and acquire any foreign language, especially English. Thanks to its magic, besides worldly spread characteristics, it has become much more influential than before.

So why should English teachers encourage their learners to read more?

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  • Experience more challenges that urge the learners to overcome.

It could refer to understanding complex ideas, unfamiliar vocabulary, or exploring new themes. By encountering these challenges, learners will improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which will ultimately help them grow and develop their language abilities.

  • Increase their knowledge, motivation, and life experience.

Not surprisingly, that ignites their motivation to learn as they become genuinely interested in the topics they are reading about. As they continue to read, they gain life experience by knowing about different cultures, historical events, and other real-life scenarios, which can broaden their best understanding of the world.

  • Act as a safe, cheap way of entertainment and escapism besides being the most sincere friend away from the hustle of social media.

Providing a safe and cheap means to prevent from sticking with the chaos and negativity of social media-which becomes a real pandemic- is a considerable aim to fight against. Thus, consider it to be a loyal companion. Through reading, learners can immerse themselves in new worlds, learn about different perspectives and cultures, and take a break from reality. It leads to an overall improvement in their mental well-being and life experience.

  • Teach learners to plan and decide on which future career path they will take by increasing their enthusiasm and knowledge about it.

By exposing learners to a wide range of issues and perspectives, reading can increase their enthusiasm for learning and exploring new prospects, which can help them make a more confident and informed choice about their future career paths.

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  • Keep them up to date and stand out from the crowd.

Such knowledge and awareness help them stand out and be different from others who may not have access to the same information. By being informed, learners can engage in conversations and discussions more effectively and confidently, making them more memorable and unique.

  • Teach them to reflect on their past, manage the present, and plan well for the future.

By reading, learners can gain neutrally genuine feedback to reflect on their past experiences, nurture their current ambitions, and plan for a better future.

  • Boost your common sense and increase connections.

It may occur through making better decisions in the very moment and building stronger relationships around them.

Additionally, it can help acquire and develop critical thinking skills, which becomes a high priority for striking the best balance between life and work. Making the optimal use of logic is also required to enjoy living independently, happily, and peacefully.

  • Create cultural awareness for future leaders.

It is thought that diversity is the key to world peace. So learners can build the soundest understanding and appreciation of different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. Gathering such components helps them to develop an open-minded and globally-aware perspective, which is valuable for shaping individuals to become successful leaders in their careers or communities. Exposing such multiple and different cultures through reading help learners become more knowledgeable, empathetic, and culturally sensitive, which undoubtedly will serve them considerably in their future endeavours.

  • Get to contact most influencers around the world, past or present alike.

It is worth saying while reading learners are influenced by others’ insights, then comes their turn to digest, cascade this knowledge and impact others too. This can broaden their understanding of different cultures, philosophies, and ways of thinking, and potentially increase their connections with like-minded individuals.

  • Shaping mind as well as goals in life.

There is much room for creation through reading. Learners can gain knowledge and wisdom that can influence their thoughts, beliefs, and values to shape their goals for the future. They can better understand themselves, their desires, aspirations, and how they can pursue them.

  • Enhance English language skills.

Learners’ language repertoire gets bigger and bigger when they are exposed to a variety of writing styles, vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures. It allows them to practice their reading, comprehension, and language skills, making them more confident and proficient in the use of the English language.

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  • Develop empathy.

Learners will begin to get along with characters and feel what they are feeling, thus beginning to understand and relate to emotions. Readers can understand and share the characters’ feelings in a story. It occurs gradually through reading literature as readers identify with the characters’ emotions and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of different perspectives. In turn, it evolves empathy, an inescapable aspect of emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and connect with others.

Are you ready to lead? Then you should read.

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Written by Sameh Ryad

He is helping students find the key to unlocking their English language skills and empowering minds. 24 yr experience. Expert teacher of Elementary & Secondary English as a Foreign Language (EFL). British, American & GCSE Curricula.

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