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Shadow, the young guy, the change maker

shadow the young guy
Shadow, the young guy, the change maker

The Change Maker

Shadow, the young guy

 “Shadow”, a story of unwavering kindness, selflessness, and the unexpected rewards that come from living life with purpose. As he was at school, he didn’t hesitate to help all his classmates do their homework, encouraging them to do better, lending them one of his three sandwiches, and making them paintings for their birthday gifts. All of what he offered for nothing and all he wanted to communicate to others, expecting they would repay him with the same treatment with cheerfulness. On the contrary, all he received was to sit alone and disregarded, and nobody cared about him or his invaluable help.

As time passed, he taught himself not to wait for anything for his sublime kindness acts. Also, he learned to do what he was brought on, not according to the others’ responses. Neglecting any sayings about reciprocity instead, he always adopted generosity.

He got older and had a rewarding job in a small town near his home. Most of his colleagues considered him the weirdest person they had ever met. Although they exploited his help, energy, and benevolence, he was over the moon to say “yes” One of his coworkers left his work to be done by him. Shadow couldn’t cry, and when he had to, he cried alone, but when he was happy, all around him cherished and laughed. He wished he had given them the elbow but in vain.

shadow the young guy

One day Shadow’s father fell very ill. Most doctors who examined him assured him he wouldn’t live more than a month unless his heart was operated on immediately. The man hadn’t any money for this costly and severe operation.

When he was absent for two days staying at home to care for his ill father as he couldn’t afford to have a nurse nearby to care for him. To his surprise, his coworkers visited him and offered a large sum of money to take the father for the operation. Besides, even the most reckless one he ever thought turned out to be like a marshmallow, volunteered to take his place and to do his work at the company till Shadows’ father became well.

Shadow became very surprised now but confused. He couldn’t keep his emotions from his colleagues and burst into tears, and this time, they all cried with him.

At last, he was grateful for something and didn’t regret his right doings. He told himself, “Reciprocity doesn’t pay what pays much more generously is what kindness you have done. As long as I live with health, not wealth, I won’t need anything else”.

Then he laughed alone for the first time and was happy that he didn’t live up to his parent’s expectations. He was almost shocked.

Everyone he knew looked at him with the great respect he always deserved.

There are many benefits to being an initiative all the time, and that is how the difference could be made. Would you happen to know me? It’s me, a change maker.

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Written by Sameh Ryad

He is helping students find the key to unlocking their English language skills and empowering minds. 24 yr experience. Expert teacher of Elementary & Secondary English as a Foreign Language (EFL). British, American & GCSE Curricula.

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