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SIUT Hospital Karachi Map: Navigate Your Way

siut hospital karachi map

The Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation (SIUT) is a free leading healthcare provider in Karachi, Pakistan. If you’re scheduled for a visit or need to find the hospital for someone else, a SIUT Hospital Karachi map is a crucial tool.

Finding the SIUT Hospital Karachi Map

There are two primary ways to locate SIUT on a map.

Online Mapping Services

Popular options like Google Maps and Waze allow you to search for Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, “SIUT Deewan Farooque Medical Complex,” and “SIUT Emergency”. These platforms will display the hospital’s address and provide driving directions if you enter your starting point.

  • SIUT Deewan Farooque Medical Complex

Deewan Farooque Medical Complex (SIUT) – Google Maps

  • SIUT Hanifa Suleman Dawood Oncology Center

SIUT Hanifa Suleman Dawood Oncology Center – Google Maps

  • Siut Emergency No. 3

Siut Emergency No. 3 – Google Maps

siut hospital karachi map

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SIUT Website

The SIUT website might have a dedicated map section. While I cannot provide website links directly, search for “SIUT Karachi contact us” on a search engine. The hospital’s contact information might include a map or directions.

Additional Tips for Using a SIUT Hospital Karachi Map

Familiarize yourself with the surroundings

Once you’ve located SIUT, use the map to explore the surrounding area. This can help you find parking or specific departments within the hospital complex upon arrival.

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Plan your route

Consider your mode of transportation (car, public transport, ride-hailing service) and use the map’s features to find the most efficient route to SIUT.

Account for traffic

Traffic conditions can change throughout the day. Using a live traffic map feature on your chosen mapping app can help you plan your trip accordingly.

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