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Hotel Tea – Kidney Risk Debunked: SIUT Warns of Fake News

untrue message about hotel tea

SIUT Refutes False Medical Advisory
Circulating on Social Media about Hotel Tea

In a world where misinformation spreads like wildfire, the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) stands firm against baseless rumors surrounding kidney-related medical issues. Once again, SIUT Karachi addresses the public to debunk fictitious about hotel tea and claims falsely attributed to Professor Adib Rizvi, the esteemed founding Director of SIUT and a globally renowned kidney specialist.

dr adib rizvi refutes fake news hotel tea on social media

Professor Rizvi, whose expertise has garnered international recognition, has never been associated with the dissemination of unfounded medical advice on social media platforms. Despite this, a recent wave of misinformation has flooded social media channels, falsely attributing a sensational claim to Professor Rizvi.

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SIUT hotel tea fake news

The circulating advisory warns individuals to avoid consuming hotel-served tea due to alleged contamination of milk with harmful chemicals, purportedly leading to kidney failure. SIUT vehemently refutes these claims, emphasizing that neither Professor Rizvi nor the hospital has issued such misleading statements.

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The public is urged to exercise caution and discernment when encountering sensational health claims on social media. SIUT and Dr. Rizvi reserve the right to pursue legal action against entities perpetuating false narratives for their own ulterior motives.

In the struggle against misinformation, SIUT remains steadfast in its commitment to providing accurate, evidence-based medical information to the public, ensuring the dissemination of reliable knowledge in the realm of healthcare.Learn Explore at SIUT Karachi | Free Kidney Care and More

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