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Heartwarming Iftar and Eid for SOS Village Kids

eid for sos village

A Heartwarming Iftar and Eid with SOS Village

In the gentle embrace of Ramadan’s blessed month, the Nabhan Foundation Pakistan embarked on its annual mission of spreading joy and compassion. Amongst the myriad of activities aimed at uplifting the spirits of the less fortunate, today’s highlight was the heartening Iftar and gift distribution ceremony regarding eid with SOS Village.

eid for sos village
Iftar and Eid with SOS Village children

A project called Hamara School (“Our School” in Urdu) is launching to provide free primary education. This initiative aims to bridge the educational gap in a struggling community. Hamara School promises high-quality education at absolutely no cost to students. This will be a game-changer for families who may not have been able to afford schooling for their children.

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As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting hues of gold across the sky, the team of Nabhan Foundation Pakistan gathered at SOS Village in Jamshoro. Furthermore, With meticulous care and dedication, they orchestrated a delightful Iftar for the children, ensuring no one went hungry during this sacred time of fasting. The aroma of wholesome food filled the air, mingling with the anticipation of breaking the day’s fast together.

The Nabhan Foundation Pakistan didn’t stop there with their generosity. Moreover, Eid, a time of celebration and joy, became even more special when the children received gifts lovingly prepared by the Foundation. That is how their eyes sparkled with excitement as they unwrapped their presents, each one a token of love and care from compassionate souls who sought nothing but their happiness.

After feasting and unwrapping their gifts, laughter filled the air as the children and the team of Nabhan Foundation Pakistan engaged in spirited games and activities. For a moment, worries faded away, replaced by the pure joy of camaraderie and companionship.

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The children’s faces beamed with more than just happiness; they reflected hope and gratitude. In those fleeting moments, the burdens of their circumstances seemed to lift, replaced by a sense of belonging and warmth.

The Nabhan Foundation Pakistan doesn’t just perform acts of charity, they embody humanity’s finest qualities. With unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, they’ve shone as a beacon of light for the past 12 years, touching countless lives with their selfless service.

As the day ended, hearts brimmed with contentment and gratitude. The joy and smiles witnessed at SOS Village serve as a powerful reminder of compassion’s transformative power and the profound impact of collective kindness. Solidarity and empathy don’t just touch lives, they forever change them, one act of kindness at a time.

eid for sos village


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The Nabhan Foundation Pakistan has gone beyond festive celebrations for the past 12 years. They actively dedicate themselves to serving the underprivileged, drawing on the generous support of their allies. In addition to providing vocational training to young people, the foundation offers computer literacy alongside Quranic Nazra and Hafiz education. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals by facilitating the establishment of small businesses, fostering self-sufficiency within communities.

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