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SSGC Gas Supply Failure: Residents Upset During Ramadan

ssgc gas supply failures in ramazan

Residents Upset Over 

SSGC Gas Supply Failure

Challenges with Gas Supply During Ramadan

Residents of Karachi expressed frustration and disappointment towards the Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC gas supply failure as they faced significant challenges with gas supply during the holy month of Ramadan. Despite assurances from the gas utility, many residents woke up to either extremely low gas pressure or a complete absence of supply in various parts of the city. This situation contradicted SSGC’s promises of a seamless gas supply during Sehri and Iftar, the crucial meal times for fasting individuals.

Assurances vs. Reality: Discrepancy in Gas Supply

Despite SSGC’s public announcement promising an uninterrupted gas supply for Sehri and Iftar preparations, the reality on the ground painted a different picture. The gas utility assured customers of the gas supply from 3 am to 9 am for Sehri and from 3 pm to 10 pm for Iftar. However, many parts of Karachi experienced gas shortages during these crucial hours, leading to significant inconvenience for residents.

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Resident Testimonies: Experience of Gas Shortages

Residents across various neighborhoods, including upscale areas like Defence Housing Society, Clifton, and Bath Island, Hijrat Colony shared their experiences of gas shortages. Mehrunnisa Karim, a resident of DHA Phase-I, lamented the lack of gas flow at the promised time of 3 am, forcing her husband to seek alternative breakfast options for Sehri. Similarly, residents of other areas, such as DHA Phase-6 and downtown Karachi, including the SITE area, and Orangi Town, severely faced challenges with gas supply, disrupting their daily routines during Ramadan.

Impact on Daily Life: Forced Alternatives

The aggravated gas crisis during Ramadan compelled many residents to switch from natural gas to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to meet their cooking needs. However, the rising prices of LPG added further financial strain on households, with many expressing their inability to afford this alternative fuel source. Consequently, individuals like Noman Ahmed from Pareshan Colony and others found themselves grappling with the economic burden imposed by the gas shortages.

Public Outcry on Social Media: SSGC Faces Criticism

Amidst the turmoil caused by gas shortages during Ramadan, frustrated residents took to social media platforms to voice their grievances against the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC). Many criticized the company for failing to fulfill its commitments to provide gas supplies during Sehri and Iftar, emphasizing that such promises should not have been made if they couldn’t be upheld.

ssgc gas supply failures in ramazan


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Disillusionment with SSGC’s Performance

Numerous posts highlighted a sense of disappointment and disillusionment with SSGC’s performance, with some lamenting the company’s decline from being one of the best-performing entities to its current state of inefficiency. The public expressed dismay at the inability of the company to address the gas supply crisis adequately, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Calls for Action and Accountability

In addition to expressing frustration, some social media users urged SSGC to take concrete measures to rectify the situation promptly. Requests for new gas connections surfaced as residents sought alternatives to mitigate the impact of gas shortages on their daily lives. However, amidst these pleas for action, there was a prevailing sentiment that the company’s management lacked the competence to effectively address the unavailability of gas supply during Ramadan.

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Political Response: PPP Raises Concerns

Amidst growing discontent among residents, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) issued a warning to its allies in the Center regarding the severity of the gas crisis in Karachi and other parts of Sindh. Senator Waqar Mehdi emphasized the dire consequences of SSGC’s failure to ensure adequate gas supply during Ramadan, highlighting the potential for widespread public unrest if the situation remains unresolved.

Call for Action: Demands for Accountability

PPP demanded swift action from the federal government to address the shortcomings in gas supply management, holding responsible parties accountable for the ongoing crisis. Senator Mehdi stressed the need for immediate intervention to alleviate the hardships faced by millions of people across Sindh, warning of escalating tensions if the issues persist unaddressed.

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On the first week of March, the SSGC announced a gas supply schedule, specifying designated times for uninterrupted gas supply during Sehri and Iftar to prevent load shedding. However, the company failed to adhere to this schedule, leading to disruptions in gas supply during these crucial times. That has not only disrupted the daily lives of Karachi residents but also sparked a political outcry, underscoring the urgent need for effective solutions to mitigate the ongoing crisis.

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