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The Drop in SSGC Gas Supply Likely to Prevail More

ssgc gas supply

The SSGC Gas Supply is severely interrupted

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) Karachi has reported a further drop of 50 million cubic feet (mmcfd) of gas in its system. This might be widening the gap between the gas supply and demand. The decrease happened just as Balochistan and Sindh were experiencing a spike in gas demand.

SSGC gas supply
SSGC announces about the gas interruption

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SSGC’s consumer feedback on Social Media

In response to the alert on the SSGC Facebook page, Shagufta Irshad commented that “There is literally no gas today since 11 am till now. The entire day, without prior notification. We were unable to cook anything or warm water for a bath. Prior notification should be issued.

For at least inform n provide us gas for few hours.” Madiha Yousuf expressed that very low pressure exists in the buffer zone area + load shading”. Sumaira Khan commented “Bs mazrat waoo kay ha ap logo ki.” Madiha Naseer said that we are already out of supply for almost 20 days…Shaya Noor commented that “Kam pressure. Yahan to gas sirey se hai hi nahi. Pressure to bad ki bat hai.” Wajih Haider said that Dunya ke Mulk uper jaa rahe hein aur hum neechay hi neechay.”

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Due to a gas leakage that occurred in Gambat gas field that provides gas to the SSGC, there is a sudden shortage of 50 mmcfd in SSCC’s system that is likely to prevail till 01:00 am on December 16, 2022.

Subsequent to this unforeseen shortage, SSGC’s system which is already confronted with gas shortages will be facing additional challenges to meet the requirements of its customers.

Due to this emergent situation, our customers might face low-pressure issues. However, our technical teams are putting their best efforts to maintain gas pressure while keeping the line packs intact.

Any inconvenience, if caused in this regard, is however regretted.”

The SSGC Gas demand and supply

In January 2022, the gap between gas demand and supply increased to 302 mmcfd from 262 CFD. “On those days, SSGC was supplying 963 mmfcd to its 3 million customers in the two provinces against a demand of 1,265 mmcfd.”

The utility company provided gas to all customers “with the exception of CNG fuel stations and captive power plants of non-export oriented industries.” Residential customers remained a top priority of the company under the state-guided policies, “as gas remains a lifeline for people, especially during the winter season”.

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  1. Natural resources do run out but SSGC r getting flak because they did not PLAN on managing it n much less informing customers earlier on

    Both r weak managerial skills of Pakistanis. Let’s improve our own to contribute positively

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