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ssgc important phone numbers

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SSGC Important Phone Numbers at Your Fingertips

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) plays a vital role in our daily lives, providing essential natural gas for homes and businesses across Sindh. But what happens when you encounter a gas-related issue? Do you know who to call? Fumbling around for contact information during an emergency can be stressful. To ensure you have SSGC important phone numbers readily available, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for different regions within Sindh.

Keeping You Connected: Karachi’s SSGC Contact Numbers

For residents of Karachi, the bustling heart of Sindh, SSGC offers a dedicated set of phone numbers to address your gas concerns. Here’s a breakdown of some key contacts:

Emergency Center: If you suspect a gas leak or experience a life-threatening situation, dial 99021167 immediately. SSGC prioritizes emergencies, and a qualified technician will be dispatched swiftly.

Help Line: For non-emergency inquiries or reporting minor gas issues, the SSGC Help Line – 1199 is a convenient option. Remember, this number is toll-free, so you can call without worrying about charges.

Zone-Specific Numbers: SSGC understands Karachi’s vastness and has designated phone numbers for specific zones. These numbers allow for a quicker response time to your location.

Here’s a table outlining the zone-specific phone numbers for Karachi:

Zone Phone Number

  • Central 36363118
  • Maymar / Hijri 36347146
  • Landhi 9924 8368
  • Malir 99248422
  • Hub Zone 32550216
  • Society Zone 34392870
  • City Zone 32415871
  • Lyari Zone 32425694
  • Korangi Zone 35113204
  • Defence Zone 35393175
  • Orangi Zone 32571351
  • North Karachi Zone 36964627
  • Gulshan Zone 99025637
  • Nazimabad Zone 99260167
  • Gulistan-e-Johar 99261866

ssgc important phone numbers

Beyond Karachi: SSGC Reaches Across Sindh

SSGC extends its services to various regions beyond Karachi, ensuring gas supply to a significant portion of Sindh. Here’s a breakdown of the Emergency Center, Help Line, and Main Office contact details for these locations:


Emergency Center: 0221-050021 or 0221-610190
Help Line: 1199
Main Office: 784380


Emergency Center: 0741-45777 or 0741-43995
Help Line: 1199 or 0323-8213275
Main Office: 43995


Emergency Center: 081-9203652
Help Line: 1199
Main Office: 081-9203931


Emergency Center: 0241-60600 or 0241-61752
Help Line: 1199 or 0323-8213273
Main Office: 61471


Help Line: 0323-8213274
Saving Time and Hassle: Additional Resources at Your Disposal

While phone numbers are crucial, SSGC offers several other resources for your convenience:

SSGC Website: Visit the official SSGC website ( for a wealth of information, including bill payment options, complaint registration forms, and safety tips.

SSGC Social Media: Follow SSGC on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates on gas-related issues or planned outages.

SSGC: Your One-Stop Guide to Contact and Resources

Having a smooth gas supply is essential for any home. This guide provides you with all the essential information on contacting SSGC, accessing online resources, and staying informed.

Online Convenience: Website and Mobile App

For a more personalized experience, explore SSGC’s online channels:

  • Website: Visit the official SSGC website at Here you can:
    • Manage Your Account: View bills, track refill requests, and update your profile.
    • Online Complaint: Register a complaint by email.
    • Self-Service Functions: Explore the self-service section (if available) for functionalities like online bill payments, refill status tracking, and downloadable forms.

Mobile App: Download the SSGC mobile app (available for Android and iOS) for on-the-go convenience. The app allows you to:

  • Access Your Account: Manage your account similarly to the website version (if applicable).
  • Book Refills: Easily book gas cylinder refills through the app.
  • Track Requests: Monitor the status of your refill requests and other service requests.
  • Pay Bills: Pay your gas bills conveniently through the app (if applicable).

Stay Connected: SSGC Social Media

Follow SSGC on their official social media pages for updates, announcements, and safety tips:

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