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Time to invest now, Rehan Allahwala urges his global friends

time to invest

In a recent video message on Linkedin to his global friends, Rehan Allahwala said: “Pakistan is 220 million people officially and 250 million people unofficially. It’s the 5th biggest populated country on the planet. If you are in an IT business and you are not tapping into my country Pakistan, you’re losing out.” He pointed out, “it is the right time to invest.

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“Why? Because we have one of the largest youth pools. You have an open marketplace. We’re not like other countries where you have to go there and it’s so much trouble actually to start a company. You can start a company in a week’s time. You’re more than welcome to come and check us out.”, He stated.

Highlighting more about the potential reasons for business he said, “I am not trying to take names to compare ourselves, but I am just giving them so that you have a better context of our country. Pakistan is an unexplored part of the world where people are still hesitant to come because of, you know, some people think it’s kind of dangerous, but it is dangerous because it has an amazing cuisine which you will only love and you will always remember. You will love our hospitality and you will love our culture because it goes back to one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, the Indus Valley. It is the same as it is. It was there at the same time as Mesopotamia.”

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“So if you haven’t been here if you are not doing business here, it is about time that you started. You can find me on Linkedin, and you can find me on Facebook. If you are looking for connections, I’ll be happy to introduce you to anyone in the country who can help you start your business in Pakistan. It has grown by five times in the last three years. What does that mean? Our phone population has grown from 20 million smartphones to 150 million smartphones. That is the size of 20 Hungary, that is size of 75 Bosnia, That is the size of 150 Montenegro. So it is a large population and if you are not doing business here, you’re losing out.”, He further elaborated.

Learn Rehan Allahwala Courses | You can Elevate your skills Now

“People speak English widely, people are tech savvy internet is extremely cheap. It’s like $5 a month for unlimited internet on your phone. Phones are extremely cheap. You can get a smartphone with four GB of RAM for 100 bucks, $100 or less.”, He said.

“So it’s an amazing marketplace and you’re definitely losing out. If you’re not doing business here, which I know a lot of companies are not. I don’t understand why, but maybe you don’t have any friends over here. So here is me I will be loved, I would be very happy to your friend to be your friend. And I would love to introduce you to my social network which is over 14 million people just alone on my Facebook. So you are more than welcome to inbox me and tell me about your product and if you are interested in consumer marketplaces. This is the country to be in. Have a wonderful day.”

“And yes, a future festival is coming in the first week of January. I want to invite you to come and explore my country and see what we offer you. You will be treated like royalty and you will love the food and you will enjoy hanging out with these amazing youth.” He offered his services to his friends.

Rehan Allahwala is the founder and President of Super Technologies Inc., a software firm based in the United States that provides telecom sector solutions. He is currently the President and CEO of several organizations in countries including the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Europe, and Pakistan. He now works full-time at the Institute of, which works under his foundation to achieve his goal of raising the world’s minimum monthly wage to $500.

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