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Top 3 Habits for a Fulfilling and Successful 2024

top 3 habits

Unlock Your Potential in 2024

A Heart-Centered Approach to Goal-Setting,

Embodying Your Word of the Year, and Connecting with Your Higher Self

HAPPY 2024! Let me share with you top 3 habits to structure a year for fulfilment and success

Leadership is an inner game – a constant process of BECOMING in two planes of growth;

Horizontally – skills and capabilities

Vertically – awareness and consciousness

**feel into it, complete this exercise from your heart space instead of your head. This is not a business plan. This exercise creates space for happiness, joy and true heart-desires.**

top 3 habits

1️⃣ The rule of ‘Three’

1) Write down what top three hot objectives/goals/desires/dreams you would love to achieve this year personally and professionally. Serious game changers in life. Think big but stay with your heart.

If there were no limitations to what you can create, what would you LOVE to achieve this year?

How would each of these objectives FEEL?
(Write down the feelings)

2) Divide the year into quarters and write down top three objectives/goals/desires/dreams you would LOVE to experience in each quarter.

Attach a specific FEELING to each of them as you visualize every and each of these goals.

3) Daily journaling. Every morning or every night set three intentions. Expect these intentions to take place within 24 hours. Do not affirm if you don’t back it up – waste of time.

Make claims around what you desire. Take charge of your reality. Act on it.

What you focus on grows.

2️⃣ One Word of The Year

Choose one word which only when you embody and integrate in all areas of your life then you will have the most excellent year.

Use your Word of the Year to help guide your decisions and continue moving towards what you want.

Pick a word which isn’t moving you away from what you don’t want, and instead pulls you towards what you WANT.

3️⃣ Connect and stay in touch with your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the most aligned, connected and potent version of you. It is the most elevated and the most progressed version of you.

  • Imagine what this version of you looks like, feel like, think, walk and talk. How do they make decisions?
  • How do they approach their day?
  • Who do they associate themselves with? What are their higher values?

Play with it, and have fun with it and also honour your time to focus on what truly matters to you alongside and equally to professional business/organizational development.

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Written by Ela Staniak

As a Feminine Leadership Coach to female C-Suite & Business Leaders, Ela champions unprecedented results for women ready to break through the perception of the ‘glass ceiling’ and gain their rightful place at the boardroom table or claim their space in their entrepreneurial zone of genius with confidence, purpose, and intuition.

Ela spent the last nearly 15 years working with high-caliber female leaders internationally in a broad range of industries from government, technology, finance, banking, mining, and media, to athletes, millionaires, and entrepreneurs specializing in vertical (consciousness) & horizontal (skills and capabilities) behavioral change in female leadership development.

‘Feminine Leaders’ was born out of a passion to empower women to champion their ‘inner game’, and reclaim their moxie and feminine leadership qualities to lead and live THE ULTIMATE LIFE personally and professionally.

Ela landed coverage in hundreds of print and broadcast outlets around the world including her 2020 TED Talk “Diversity & Inclusion are logically impossible”.

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