Unmasking Fear | Origin and Overcoming Limitations

unmasking fear
Unmasking Fear to Understand and Overcome Limitations

Unmasking Fear

Understanding its Origin and Overcoming Limitations

Lets learn the secret behind unmasking fear

Did you know that humans are born with only two natural fears?


  1. The fear of Falling
  2. The fear of loud noises.


All the other fears they have are manufactured

in the factory of their minds.


How do they do that?


They use their “words,” which they speak to themselves, to affirm and reaffirm their fears. They think about that which they fear. They think about the consequences. They think about the harm. They think about different scenarios in which what they fear will affect them.


They repeat it so diligently that they put life into their imaginative thoughts and accept it as a reality.


So, how do you manage these fears?

unmasking fear
A Journey to Unmask Fear and Embrace Life


It’s simple. Dissect them!


Unravel the threads that bind you to them. You may find that they have their roots in your past experiences, your observations, or even the fears of those around you.


The basis of your fears can be deeply ingrained, stemming from personal encounters or the stories you may have heard and witnessed. Understanding this origin is crucial because fear isn’t merely a passing emotion; it shapes the pathways of your mind, creating patterns that guide your thoughts, decisions, and imaginings.

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These fear-induced patterns operate beneath your conscious awareness. When left examined, they lead your minds down a predetermined route, causing you to re-live past fears or project imagined dangers onto our present and future. The subconscious mind, unaware of alternative routes, adheres to these patterns, influencing your perceptions and actions.

unmasking fear
Fear is like a shadow, always lurking in the corner of our minds.

Fear, in its essence, is a protective mechanism designed to shield you from harm. However, when it solidifies into a rigid mental pattern, it loses its ability to discern the reality of the danger. Your minds begin to imagine threats where none may exist in the current circumstances.


The question then arises:

How can fear protect you and still allow you to pursue our goals?


The answer lies in the conscious analysis and evaluation of your fears. If your fears become impediments, hindering progress toward your dreams and goals, it’s time to delve into self-reflection.


Analyze and explore how your fears manifest in your thoughts and actions.


Identify the patterns through which fear influences your decision-making process.


Analyze how you can protect yourself and move ahead.


Analyze what the fear is taking away from you. Assess the opportunities, experiences, and personal growth that might be hindered by the constraints of your fears.


Your mind, a potent tool, is under your control. Allowing fear to dictate the patterns without questioning them is akin to relinquishing your own power. By acknowledging the roots of your fears and consciously steering your thoughts toward empowering perspectives, you regain control over your mind and pave the way for personal growth and fulfillment.


Fear should serve as a guide, not a hindrance—empower yourself to navigate life’s challenges and reach your goals unencumbered by the limitations of unnecessary fears.


Written by Naheed Khan

Naheed Khan is a Co-founder- Of Futurwits | Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming | Consultant & Advisor- Organization Change and Strategic People Development | Transformational Leadership Coach | Futuristic Leader

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