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Why did England’s captain Eoin Morgan step down

Why did England’s captain Eoin Morgan step down

Eoin Morgan Announces Resignation from International Cricket:

A Farewell to a Legend

Eoin Morgan, the stalwart of England’s cricket team, has recently declared his resignation from international cricket. This announcement came after seven and a half years of dedicated service to the sport. Known for his pivotal role in England’s World Cup victory, Morgan’s decision has left the cricketing world in awe. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the details of his journey, the reasons behind his resignation, and his future plans.

The End of a Special Journey

Morgan’s decision to bid adieu to international cricket was not an easy one. He expressed his dissatisfaction with his performance during a trip to the Netherlands, where he failed to score a run on two occasions. Reflecting on this, he stated, “it was quite a sad day, reaching the end of such a special journey.” This candid admission showcases the passion and commitment he brought to the game.

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Embracing Change: New Coaches and Fresh Beginnings

One of the key factors influencing Morgan’s decision was the appointment of two new coaches. He was not only satisfied with his own resignation but also pleased with this new direction for the team. Under the guidance of these coaches, England witnessed tremendous results, which further solidified his choice to step aside and support the team as a fan.

A Promising Future

While Morgan bids farewell to international cricket, he has exciting plans for the future. He is set to resume his cricketing journey at the domestic level, taking on the captaincy of the London Spirit. Additionally, he will begin a new chapter in his career as a commentator, covering the India and South Africa series on Sky Sports. This transition demonstrates his enduring love for the game and his desire to remain closely associated with it.

Gratitude Towards Supporters

In his retirement announcement, Morgan took the time to express his heartfelt gratitude to his family members, colleagues, coaches, and followers who supported him throughout his illustrious career. This gesture reflects the humility and gratitude that define his character.

Why did England’s captain Eoin Morgan step down

ICC Chief Executive’s Tribute

Geoff Allardice, ICC Chief Executive, paid a glowing tribute to Morgan. He described Morgan as an “exceptional talent” and highlighted his transformation into a “top-class batter and captain.” Allardice also reminisced about Morgan’s pivotal role in England’s resurgence, particularly their extraordinary World Cup victory at Lord’s in 2019. He conveyed the ICC’s congratulations on Morgan’s outstanding career and extended best wishes for his future endeavors.


Q: Why did Eoin Morgan resign from international cricket?

A: Eoin Morgan cited his dissatisfaction with his recent performance and a desire to support the team from a different role as the primary reasons for his resignation.

Q: What are Eoin Morgan’s future plans in cricket?

A: Morgan plans to continue his cricket journey at the domestic level, captaining the London Spirit. He will also begin a career in commentary, covering matches on Sky Sports.

Q: How long did Eoin Morgan serve in international cricket?

A: Eoin Morgan had a remarkable career spanning seven and a half years in international cricket.

Q: What is Eoin Morgan’s contribution to England’s cricketing history?

A: Eoin Morgan played a pivotal role in England’s resurgence in limited-overs cricket, culminating in their extraordinary World Cup victory in 2019.

Q: Who will be the new coaches for England’s cricket team?

A: While the article does not specify the names of the new coaches, their appointment played a significant role in Morgan’s decision to resign.

Q: What is Eoin Morgan’s message to his supporters?

A: Eoin Morgan expressed his gratitude to his family members, colleagues, coaches, and followers for their unwavering support throughout his career.

Eoin Morgan’s resignation from international cricket marks the end of an era. His decision, rooted in a desire to contribute to the sport in new ways, reflects the humility and dedication that define him as a cricketer and as a person. As he embarks on his new journey in cricket, fans can only look back with gratitude and admiration for the legend’s extraordinary career.

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