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What if You Feel that Change Does Not Work in Life?

what if you feel that change doesn't work
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Not everyone has the ability to act. Some require careful mental preparation. Changing your life is a noble act. You cannot force someone to change your life. At the same time, it is a big responsibility and a big job. Finally, what if you feel that change doesn’t work?

Let’s say you’re ready to change your life and even start taking action, but nothing works for you. You are troubled by the question: “Why can’t you get out of the circle of everyday life?” Perhaps the answer to this question is very simple. First, try to analyze the situation. A few tips will help you do this.

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• You like to daydream, but hold back when it comes to concrete action. For example, you are considering quitting a low-paying job. However, you delay the decision every day. Every time you make an excuse, you can’t bring yourself to write a letter of resignation. Days pass, and you only dream that everything in your life is about to change. In this case, you need to stop “flying in the clouds” and take concrete steps. Search for suitable vacancies, and send resumes to various institutions. Analyze the results after obtaining them. Draw a conclusion, then quit your job. And this will be your first step toward a new life. Perhaps in a new place, you will find opportunities that will change your lifestyle completely.

• Your mistake may be that you started moving too suddenly. Your actions were not well thought out, and you are now failing after failing. In this case, you should not give up your idea, but you should stop your activities for a while, sit and think. To begin, develop a solid plan of action. Make sure to plan everything carefully. If you want to move to another city and start a new life there, take care of all household chores, save some money, think about departure time, buy tickets, and pack your stuff.

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Next day, week, and so on even making an action plan for the coming month is very important. Don’t be afraid to live by the rules and a certain scenario.

Plan for the year

This should be done every December. So you can fix the most important goals. And in this plan, it is important to determine important dates, and big events, like birthdays, travel, and others. Include all your dreams and life values ​​in this plan. Review this plan as often as possible throughout the year, adjusting it as needed.

It is equally important to plan for the month

They must be entered in a notebook on one of the last days of the previous month. Such plans should be more precise. Therefore, write down important tasks, as well as distribute rest on weekends. It is advisable to focus your attention on different areas of life every week. For example, the first week should be dedicated to family only, the second to sports, the third to creativity, and the fourth to work.

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Planning for the week should also be done carefully

Plans like these will get you closer to global goals—those set for the year.

Planning the next day is the most difficult task

Therefore, the plan must be clear, and all matters must be worked out literally to the minute. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do anything.

Self-development for change in life

When a person does not try to improve himself, his lifestyle becomes boring and uninteresting. There are many ways to change your life quickly.

• Get rid of bad habits.

• Start going to the gym. Build muscle, and lose weight. Thus, you can improve your mood, and change the data for the better.

• Read books that contain psychological advice. Psychology as a science gives a person the opportunity to understand himself and reveal all his potential. Also, this way you will learn to understand people and change your attitude towards yourself completely.

• Change your photo. Try practicing a new style of clothing.

• Sign up for courses that teach different subjects. So you will expand your horizons and be able to apply new knowledge in your work.

what if you feel that change doesn't work
Photo by XiaoXiao Sun on Unsplash

Healthy lifestyle

To learn how to live the right way, follow these simple recommendations.

Take care of your health

Get timely medical attention, and undergo necessary examinations. Remember that a healthy person is always happy and cheerful.

Don’t drink or smoke to be happy

If you want to calm down after a stressful situation.

Go for sports

Even a short run around the house will help you maintain your health.

Eat right

Don’t eat too much before going to bed. Eat plenty of organic vegetables and fruits. Eat cereal for breakfast and warm and liquid foods for lunch.
Drink more fruit compotes.

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Positive thoughts

Start thinking positively. To do this, you just need to follow a few recommendations.

Stop living in the past

For example, if you’ve had a breakup with a loved one, you shouldn’t grieve over it for too long. It may not be your destiny. After separation, you will surely meet another life partner.

Don’t dwell on adversity

They happen in everyone’s life. So don’t turn difficult situations into tragedies.

Change your environment

Conversations with boring and uninteresting people always spoil the mood. This happens because you’re wasting your energy supporting a conversation you don’t need.

If you have trouble in your daily life, use the magic word “but.”

For example, you were late for work, but you managed to sleep a little longer than the scheduled time, so your physical condition improved.

Give more thanks to people for serving them

For example, say the word “thank you” again to the seller. So you learn the values ​​of life and realize that you yourself can bring positive things to people.

Laugh and joke more often

This is how you can make yourself happy.

Use positive attitudes

Before starting any business, say to yourself: “I will succeed.”

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Past evaluation

Memories and their re-examination contribute to the inner transformation of the human soul.

Much of the present life depends on the past.

For example, some people cannot forget past mistakes. So they don’t move forward, they don’t go to destiny. Because of memories, people go back all the time, trying to fix something. However, it must be remembered that the past cannot be undone, and the mistakes made cannot, in most cases, be corrected. Is a lifetime of suffering worth it? You need to fully analyze what happened in your life before, and try to see the situation from a different angle.

For example, you made a mistake once. Perhaps because of this, some part of your life did not go according to your wishes. In order not to bother yourself with various doubts, try to ask yourself this question: “Why do I keep thinking about him all the time, if these memories bother and worry me?” A normal person would answer this question like this: “I don’t know myself.” After that, you will realize that the past is in the past, and you need to live. And then you need to think about how you live now. Perhaps, with your neutral memories, you make life “poison” not only for yourself but also for those close to you. So why torture yourself and others? Try to do some analysis of your existence: it is possible that at the time you made a fatal mistake, you could not have done otherwise for some reason. And that means you shouldn’t beat yourself up.

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To get rid of your obsessive state, try to perform several actions for change.

• Sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room. close your eyes.
• Remember all the things that bother you and “don’t let go”.
• Relive these moments in your memories.
• Then visualize the memories fading into the darkness – and mentally turn your head in the other direction.
• Imagine that a new road opens up before you that leads to the future. The sun is shining in the distance.
• Walk into the light without looking back.
• Open your eyes and tell yourself never to return to unpleasant memories.
Note: If you feel yourself starting to wind up again, remember the bright road and consciously start walking along it straight toward the sun.

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There are other methods that you can implement in your life.

• Try to change your mind quickly, using key questions to ask yourself. For example, you can ask yourself: “What is really bothering me?”; “Would I like to solve these problems?” Once you answer these questions, you will be able to understand that you are ready for change.
• Always remember that the more you think about how terrible your life is, the worse you feel emotionally. A negative mood paralyzes a person’s will and psyche. In this situation, it will be difficult for you to do anything. So start eliminating your negative attitudes again and again. Then the desire for change in destiny will increase.
• Stressful situations cause the strongest paralysis of a person’s mental state. He doesn’t want to move on. So immediately engage in a fight with yourself and your fear. Only you can accept or eliminate stress. Master the situation – conquer your vices.
• Learn to respect yourself. To do this, you need to complete the following task. Take two sheets of paper. Write down one of your personal qualities that you consider unworthy. On another sheet of paper, write down your positive qualities. Reread your negative points. Think like this: “Everyone has their flaws.” Then try to deal with them. Then you will understand that all the people living on earth are imperfect. Therefore, you cannot constantly blame yourself for anything. It means you deserve respect just like everyone else.
• Forgive yourself. Each of us has mistakes and failures in the past. Be aware of them so that negative experiences become lessons for the future. Try to erase from memory all the emotions that were associated with the failure.
• Forgive your trespassers. A “stone in the chest” is an additional burden. Get rid of it before embarking on a new path.
• Take action. Action is a decision you have to make.
• Learn to attract success. This can be done through any available means. Meditation is very useful. Just need to deal with them every day, devoting at least 15 minutes to implementing the methods.
Meditation changes the human mind. Such changes lead to changes in destiny.

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