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Our Country | It is the Right Time to Uplift

It is the right time to uplift our country
It is the right time to uplift our country

It is the Right Time to Uplift our Country

It is the right time to uplift our country

There are many things wrong in Pakistan as would be in many countries.  However, IF we focus ONLY on the negatives, we will keep sliding down. It

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we only circulate messages and videos of political turmoil and economic setback, the power of our collective thought will only give us more of that. We have a choice to mitigate this by circulating more good news, even if this is few and far between.  The collective thought power of good news will get us more of it in return. Try it and you will find more events to be happy about. 

Google tells us

Pakistan has competed in 14 of the 22 Commonwealth Games, since 1954. Its most successful games have been the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth, where it was 4th in the overall rankings and won 8 Gold Medals. Its most successful event has been wrestling, where it has won 42 medals, 21 of which have been Gold.

 ‘BIRMINGHAM: Pakistan managed to secure 18th position with eight medals including two golds in the recently-concluded Commonwealth Games 2022.’

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For a change, we could find details of who won these medals, and what preparation the contestants made and circulate this information. I have learned that our participants had no coaches unlike those from other countries, and therefore our wins deserve a lot more credit.

Now it is your turn to find and share happy news about Pakistan but beware of being philosophical or unrealistic about our issues.  Just keep them aside for some time and share the factual good news.

It is the right time to uplift our country

Written by Sunnu Golwalla

She is a retired HR Professional with an interest in corporate management and is an avid reader of LinkedIn posts. At a personal level, she enjoys interacting with a cross-section of people and is willing to share her knowledge and experience when asked, ensuring it will be meaningful for others.


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  1. Totally agree with this, in these challenging times it is best to focus and applaud on the positives and the achievements Pakistan is managing to accomplish. Long Live ??

  2. We know we are going through a crucial time, though can’t put down our positivity. All the achievers head off to them they did their best to accomplish. This is Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabaad.

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