The substance of change | Do you really know?

substance of change
An Excerpt from the “Life Literally”

Learn the Substance of Change
An Excerpt from the “Life Literally”

Let’s begin toe explore about the substance of change. Arish is a young boy… full of ideas and energy. “I want to be a lawyer; I want to change the world!”

“Really!” he is often laughed at by his family and friends.
“First go and change your clothes”, said Amir, his elder brother.
As he grew older and wiser, he rationalized.” Alright! I want to be a journalist; I can at least change my country by exposing the corrupt social system.”

“Why don’t you focus on your studies to change your grades either?” his father commented ironically.
As Arish entered the professional world and became a part of the rat race, he often wondered if he could change anything… anything about his own mundane life”
“He hated his workplace, his job, even his self; it’s dull and purposeless without any sense of engagement and accomplishment.”

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Arish made several desperate attempts to change the laid-back culture at his office, his staff’s behaviour, and family members’ attitudes, but all in vain.
As time passed by, he turned into a cynic; constantly criticizing everything and anything around him.

It was the end of the year. His car was in the workshop, the route bus dropped him at the main gate from where he had to walk for at least fifteen minutes to reach his office for an important meeting that was about to begin.

Cursing his fate, he started walking… as fast as he could. He saw many familiar faces on his way; the peon, the sweeper, the tea boy, and some junior staff members. All were in hurry to reach the office.

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He remembered how he scolded them for reaching late, refused to provide office transport for the small distance, and lectured them about time management repeatedly.

substance of change
An Excerpt from the “Life Literally”

As he walked along with them, he realized what he needed to change…
Exactly after a year, his team won the award for punctuality and within five years, he was titled “the chief change agent” in his company. His friends and family trusted and adored him more than ever.

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What mantra Arish did find during the fifteen minutes walk that changed his life…
He shared at the annual award ceremony, “I stopped trying to change others, dictating my staff and colleagues. Rather, I began to change myself and listened to my friends and coworkers with understanding, led the most challenging tasks myself, and earnestly practiced change before I preached it to others. Believe me, it sounds simple but it’s not.”

Gradually, Arish was able to emerge as a role model who enabled him to inspire people around him for positive change… change that promises to improve their lives fulfill their dreams, and brings the hope and excitement that they yearned for as an adult.

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Written by Dr Erum Hafeez

Dr. Erum Hafeez is a Freelance Writer, Researcher, and Educationist.
She is also Associate Professor and Cluster Head Airport Campus, Media Studies Department, Iqra University Karachi.

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Hafeez, for your article and poignant reminder of the importance of “knowing they self” and having an open mindset to change. Change the way you think, and you can change the world! Or as Norman Vincent Peale once wrote, “change your thoughts and you change your world.” As human beings, we all have something in common. Each of our days is composed of micro-decisions; small, second-to-second decisions on how we react to our outer reality.

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